Friday's Fab Etsy Finds: Legwarmers

Friday, September 3, 2010

I don't think that there is a girl alive that doesn't (openly or secretly) love legwarmers. They are fun, flirty and so versatile. Sure, you can rock them during a step class with a leotard. But the legwarmers of the 21st century have moved well beyond the gym and into every day attire. Now we wear them with minis, under cropped jeans, over leggings or skinny jeans, around our pumps, above our boot cuff and other in unexpected ways. Now that fall is on its way (pardon the heat wave), this is a great time to revive this classic look in your own wardrobe. Here are some Etsy finds to show you just how many ways leg warmers can work for you.

If wearing a mini skirt always feels like you are trying a little too hard then these crocheted above-the-knee legwarmers are your solution. They say "Yes, I can flaunt my legs, I'm just not going to". For a sexy, yet classy look, pair these with a mini skirt or perhaps some pleated shorts. For a more casual style scrunch them down or wear them over leggings. Pick up a pair from Mademoiselle Mermaid for $40.

These vintage legwarmers with yoyo rosettes are all grown up. Like the repurposed wool sweaters they are made from, they exude casual elegance. I prefer them in an understated look as shown in the photo above. However, as you will see on the Etsy page they also go great with a flowing floral skirt. Try them out for $35.

Okay, so technically these are not legwarmers, but they have the same feel so I threw them in here. I love a good pair of riding boots in the fall. And these little Boot Cuffs are the perfect addition to this look. They really do complete the outfit and make it all come to together. There are rave reviews and several color choices on the Etsy page. They go for $38 a pair.

My husband caught a glance of these lace up legwarmers and told me in no uncertain terms to order them. This came as no big surprise since he is a fan of almost anything that laces up. He says that it is because it has the allure getting of a peek at something that is covered up. There is nothing flashy about your calf. But when you lace some ribbon (or yarn as the case would be) around it, it becomes mesmerizing. The legwarmers are made by Two Trees Grow, so it is fitting that they have a subtle tree design woven into them--adding a little extra interest. Snatch up a pair for $56.

Again, these are not technically legwarmers, but I think that spats have a place in this line-up too. They do, afterall, at the very least keep your ankles warm. They dress up heels or flats and add interest without screaming for attention. Mademoiselle Mermaid has this pair listed for $30.


Anonymous said...

i like the picture of the first pair of shoes. where are those from?

Lindsey said...

Me too! I don't know.... Bonnie?

Bonnie said...

If you click on the link, the seller may have them on their Etsy page. But they look like they belong to the model and were just used for the shoot.

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