The Pretty Girls

Co-Creator/Public Relations/Writer
Born just outside Chicago, Illinois and raised in the mountains of Colorado Bonnie found her home in Southern California alongside her husband and three little boys.  When she's not cleaning up after all four of them, helping with school projects or making fabulously healthy dinners for her husband she enjoys being outdoors, a good cup of tea, writing and giving design advice to anyone who'll listen.

Co Creator/Web Design/Writer
Lindsey also resides in Southern California with her amazing husband "Movie Star" and playful dog Bolt who is her baby boy - children will come one day.  She is a singer who fills her time with writing, photography, interior design and scrapbooking.  Having created this site with her sister-in-law's Bonnie and Claire, Lindsey has another outlet to express her love for the finer things in life as well as continue her creativity.

Co-Creator/Network Representative/Writer
After living in Illinois and Colorado (like her sister Bonnie), Claire now finds herself residing along the shores of sunny Southern California.  As she attends college pursuing her dreams of grandeur, she  happily scours the web for anything and everything wedding.  Though she also finds humor among her obsessions.

Orlando, Florida is Hayley's home away from home.  Where is her home home, you might ask?  Well, good old Orange, California!  After a stint in San Francisco pursuing her love for writing, Hayley moved to Florida to attend Full Sail University's sound recording program.  Though she found her second passion is music, she still has to scratch that writing itch every so often.