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Sunday, March 13, 2011

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Fabulous Etsy Finds: Earthquake Relief

Friday, March 11, 2011

As many of you know, Japan has been devastated by an 8.9 magnitude earthquake.  Etsy is rallying to help those in need.  Several sellers are donating 50%+ of their sale proceeds to a Japan Earthquake/Tsunami relief fund.  Here are some highlights of the fabulous products that will make you feel helpful and heal a hurting community. 
This colorful and wise owl will add character to you home and relief to another home in need.  It sells for $20, $10 of which will be donated to people affected by Japan's recent catastrophe.  The seller, Isewpose, has several other items whose proceeds will help Japan.

This seller, MyRubberStamp, has a variety of cute and quirky rubber stamps that will make your paperwork and stationary stand out from the crowd.  Purchase this stamp or one of several others to touch the life of someone in Japan as well as the heart of your recipients.

Here is a set of traditional Japanese tea time 'bowls' inspired by the sellers memories of sharing a cup of lemon tea with her mother.  There is a regular sized cup for mommy and a smaller cup for a child.  The set sells for $22, 50% of which will be donated to those in need in Japan.  I like the idea of sharing your love as well as their traditions.  The seller, Koide Studio, has several other items whose proceeds benefit Japan as well.

And then there are sellers like ArtPoet who are so sweet it almost makes me wanna cry.  She will be donating 50% of all of here sales from now through March 17 to the Red Cross and their efforts in Japan.  She sells a variety of inspirational art pieces and beautiful handmade jewelry.  The bangle above is made of wire and glass beads and sells for $20.

This print sells for $25.  The seller, inwardupward, will donate $15 from the sale of this or any of their other $25 prints to help those hit hard by the earthquake in Japan. 

Helping Out Your Small Bathroom

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My bathroom is an ity bity piece of nothing. It has a wall sink next to the toilet, an old tub and a towel rack. There is no room for a counter or any kind of storage. Movie Star and I have made it work, however I am constantly trying to update and change it to make it more manageable, better looking and easier to live with. I thought maybe some of you might have this same predicament, so here is what I have been finding that inspires me to pretty up the john.
Seeing as how I'm all about DIY and repurposing new things, this idea fits me to a 'T'. Take a drawer from a dresser you are about to junk, or head to a garage sale or thrift store and pick one up! Better Homes and Gardens suggests cutting a piece of plywood to nail inside as a shelf . Then install a couple of eye hooks with a rod through it to give yourself a towel rack. And don't forget the hidden gems like the wallpapered backdrop and hook hanging from the shelf for bath accessories. Just be sure to paint the whole thing to match your decor.
If you need just a little something to perk up your pee space, just slant a picture against the wall and you're all "perked" up. Just make sure you secure it to the wall or the toilet. You wouldn't want to be sitting there and have the picture slide down the wall just to jolt you in the back now would you?
The thing I need in my bathroom more than anything is storage. When I found this idea I squealed "Eeeekkk!" with excitement. My sink looks a lot like this just without the extra room on either side of the sink top. But I adore the idea of a simple wire shelf hanging down below. I could put so many necessities there! And there is even enough room below the shelf for a lovely old trash can. Plus, this arrangement has a towel bar that would help me save valuable wall space.
A sink without a counter makes getting ready in the morning extremely difficult. I only have room for soap. But I have loved the idea of a shelf below my mirror for quite some time. This picture inspires me to put one up! Not only will it allow me to add some extra pretty decor, but I can use it to hold toothbrushes, lotion and extra hand towels.

If you have limited square footage like me, you may find that a big towel rack sticking out of your wall may not exactly be practical or pretty. So, why not try this intriguing and space saving alternative? This would look incredible in my bathroom leaning right next to the side table I've turned into a storage cabinet. I'd like to make one..... check back here for a "how to"!

Now that I'm inspired, I'll be getting to that bathroom of mine! How about you?

Handmade Wednesday: Scrapbooking with Fabric

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I am a scrapbooking fool. You may not know this about me, but it is totally and entirely true. I have far too many books completed or ever on-going as well as an entire cabinet in my hallway filled (and I do mean filled) with supplies. Photographs make my heart flutter with excitement and I love putting the memories I create on pages to mull over on those days when life feels sad and overwhelming.

Now to the craft you came for! While I was looking for inspiration on turning my recent dull-drum pages into awakening breath, I came across something that I've seem before but never actually done: use fabric! I have not created these beauties yet myself, but I just thought I would pass them along to any of you other ladies (or gentlemen) who love scrappin' your memories and might need some creative encouragement to keep at it.

This page is from Elizabeth Kartchner from Dear Lizzy (who by the way is gorgeous!). As you can see she has a fabric strip stitched across the pager but the most wonderful bits of fabric on this page are the roses. Though you can purchase them at 2 Peas in a Bucket, I think I could make these little cuties myself.
  1. Take your fabric and cut a thin strip and twist.
  2. Roll your twisted fabric around in a spiral, making it look like the above picture.
  3. Use a glue gun to attach it together, then plop a button or a gem on top to finish!

This one is from EMI Scrapbooking. I loved it because it is simple and easy but will give your page a much desired lift in life. Obviously, you would need a piece of fabric with an embroidered image or words as they have with this lovely flower, but if you embroider yourself them go for it! Then you will need thread and green fabric strips as well as buttons and paper or fabric flowers.
  1. After attaching the pre-embroidered fabric on your page, move on to the flowers!
  2. Take some white or ivory embroidery thread and work a simple straight stitch down a piece of thin green fabric.
  3. Attach to your page.
  4. Stitch (or glue on) your flowers and buttons to the page and walla! You're done.
This last one is too easy for words. But I'll try. Thank Studio Calico for showing us how three simple pieces of uncoordinated fabric can turn your plain jane page into a fun surprise!
  1. Choose your fabric. Cut it to your desired length and width. Stitch it your page!
  2. Now you can stitch using a machine, but the Studio Calico ladies look as though they've just put a quick stitch at either end of each fabric piece.
Have fun scrappin'!!