Feeling the Holiday Weight?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I have to tell you that I am feeling it. Now, I have seriously been in need of a heavy duty workout routine over the past year but I am proud to admit that I have been eating pretty well. Except for the past 2 weeks. My mother-in-law loves to have tons of cookies and fudge in her house for all of us to enjoy while we spend the holidays together. The sweets are incredible but I always eat too many of them. Each year I go out to my in-laws home with the intension of watching myself but it never works. So here I am, feeling 10 lbs. heavier wondering how I am going to look good for my New Years party. There is no way I can drop the weight in 2 days. But I do have a few ideas up my sleeve.

1. Change your party outfit. I may have planned on wearing those skinny jeans with a pretty, slim top, but now that I have some waist and pooch bulging it's just not going to work out. I must figure out something new. The best option for me is to add a thick belt to that trouble area and hold it all in. Luckily I have a long torso and can pull it off. But if you don't, then try adding a tailored blazer that cinches in at the waist and flares out at the hips. Or maybe a high-waist skirt to cover that pooch and a thin belt to add a little flare.

2. Get rid of your water weight with Gillian Michael's 7 Day Diet. Okay so you don't have seven days, but at least you can lose a pound and feel slimmer than you are. I have done this for 5 days and it worked wonders. This is a diet celebrities and models do before a photo shoot or a walk down the red carpet in order to get rid of all of their excess water weight which pertains mostly to your sodium levels. Basically you drink 48 oz. of water each day, DO NOT add any salt or eat anything with salt in it keeping your sodium level to an absolute low. Eat eggs and veggies for breakfast, low sodium turkey, lettuce and tomato on a low sodium tortilla for lunch and fish with unlimited green veggies for dinner. You can season with no sodium seasonings and balsamic vinegar. She recommends this for no longer than 7 days because it's not a healthy way of living. But it will get you looking the best that you can at this time!

3. Get yourself some Spanx. I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but it's a fantastic way to tuck in everything you need tucked in. Maybe you have stomach pooches or maybe you have some extra baggage in our thighs (I know I do) and if that's the case Spanx has you covered.

Hey maybe you don't care about those few extra pounds. If you don't, well then that's just inspiring. Good luck ladies!

5 New Year's Resolutions That Everyone Can Keep

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Each year the vast majority of people around the globe make resolutions that they swear they will keep? Why? Because this year they will have the willpower to do it. The simple fact of the matter is that most people that were in the first majority will not keep their resolutions. The reasons vary from person to person as to why they won't keep their pledges, but this gist comes down to the fact that their resolutions don't fit with who they are. There are a few things that every person can keep, though. Here's a list to help you find some things that will make you a better person in more than one way.

1.) Learn Something New
This could be anything that is new to you. Learn something that's academic in some way. It could be learning more about American history to understand the country overall. Or you could learn another language and then have the fun of putting it into use by traveling. You could also learn how to cook, making yourself more self-sufficient or helpful to your spouse. Also consider learning to paint, play a sport or something else along these lines. Keep it relatively academic though, because then it will have a lasting intellectual effect and guarantee that there will be others with similar interests.
2.) Volunteer Twice In The Year
Volunteering is good for everyone; for those who give and those who receive. The problem is that most people don't get around to actually doing it. If you make a resolution to do something twice throughout the course of the year, it will be very hard not to accomplish it. And for volunteering, there are a few times during the year when the need for volunteers is highly publicized (Thanksgiving and Christmas especially), so you won't miss an opportunity.
3.) Donate Your Old Clothes to Charity
Every year, you accumulate a pile of clothes just by yourself or with your family. Some overstuff their drawers, some just throw them away, and others have a garage sale. Instead of just going for the easy option of throwing the clothes away or taking the inconvenient chore of selling them, just bundle them up once during the year and haul them down to Salvation Army or a similar organization. It will do greater good there for appreciative people. And if it doesn't give you a good feeling, check that you have a heartbeat ;-)
4.) Go Camping Once
This may seem a bit odd, but in an increasingly digital age, not much can do better for a person than to go out into the wilderness for the weekend. Get away from the city or just technology for a few days, so you can fully appreciate nature and possibly reevaluate the involvement of technology in your life.

5.) Do One Act Of Kindness For Each Person You're Close To
Once during the year, do something very kind for each person that you know well. Make sure it's a genuine out-of-nowhere act of kindness. For instance, don't let it be taking care of their cat when they're out of town. Make it something like going to the concert with them that no one else wants to go to giving up your weekend to help them move. Make it something that they will remember for some time to come, and make it out of the blue. You'll learn to be more giving and get the joy that comes from just genuinely helping someone you love.

You may get bogged down throughout the year and not finish the book you vowed to read or go to the gym you paid outrageous monthly fees for, but these you will definitely be able to keep, and they will make you better in at least one way. Happy New Years and good luck on your resolutions!

Pretty Thought of the Day

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Lindsey's Top 10 Christmas Movies

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Seeing as how Christmas is in full swing and most of us are either done with school for awhile, out of work for a few days or just arrived in town to visit family for the holidays, it's time to start watching those warm hearted Christmas movies. I'll be honest I've been watching them for the past month. But perhaps most of you wait until the few days leading up to this blessed holiday to pop the DVD in. Regardless, here are my top 10 favorites. I'm no movie critic so don't expect these to be the greatest films of all time. Just the one's I love the most!

10. The Preacher's Wife (1996)
I know that the original (The Bishop's Wife) may be classic, but this version makes me cry and laugh at the same time. The story of miracles and a family changing for the better around Christmas time is one that will never grow old. And who wouldn't love to have Denzel as their guardian angel?

9. The Santa Clause (1994)
This has been a favorite of mine since it first came out. A lover of Tim Allen, I just had to see this! He's so funny and lovable that it's hard to resist. Plus, the idea that Santa Clause continues over time because men put on this suit when he dies is ingenious. If you don't believe in Santa now, you certainly will once the film is over.

8. We're No Angels (1955)
Funny, funny, funny is all I really have to say. If you have not seen this Humphrey Bogart caper, then you are sincerely missing out. Bogart, Aldo Ray and Peter Ustinov play a trio of charming prison inmate escapees who end up being more helpful than hurtful. Though this may not seem Christmasy don't worry, it is. The three create such a lovely holiday atmosphere you would swear they were "angels".

7. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989)
If you've ever had a lot of family stay with you over the Christmas season, you will love this movie. Not only is it a hilarious addition to the Chevy Chase National Lampoon series, but it will help you to laugh at your current predicament and perhaps realize that your own family isn't so bad. Hey, at least you don't have a brother-in-law who shows up on your driveway with a beat-up trailer filled with his families waste which he then proceeds to dump down your storm drain. Right?

6. Home Alone/Home Alone 2 (1990)
I know there are two movies listed here but it's so hard to choose between the original home christmas burglar beat down and the New York christmas burglar beat down. In the original Kevin gets to be home all by himself, but a Christmas in New York with all sorts of crazy adventures is irresistible.

5. White Christmas (1954)
Who isn't dreaming of a white christmas? And who wouldn't want to be swooned by Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney? This film not only gives us some of the traditional christmas songs we sing today, but when two GI's chase two sisters to Vermont and end up helping their old general, it will warm your heart as well.

4. Scrooge (1970)
With the mounds of Scrooge and A Christmas Carol films out there, it's hard to really pick one that is a favorite. But I have. In this version, a young Albert Finney portrays the decrepit miser who "humbugs" Christmas at every turn. Now this is a musical and you may not think you would want to see Ebinezer Scrooge singing show tunes, but to me it all comes so natural. Finney, who is a fantastic Scrooge, does an amazing job as well as the rest of the supporting cast.

3. Miracle on 34th Street (1994)
Now I may get a lot of you gasping at this choice as it is not the original with Natalie Wood, but I said these are my favorite christmas movies not the best out there! This is the story of a little girl who is two old for her own good. Though she and her mother do not believe in Santa Clause, that doesn't stop a man named Kris Kringle from trying to convince them. And in the process he convinces the entire state of New York.

2. A Christmas Story (1983)
I don't even think I need to explain why I've picked this one. Anyone who, as a child, wanted something for Christmas that they knew was a long "shot" can relate to this nostalgic look at a young boy and his mission for a Red Ryder BB gun. Now if that doesn't make the whole movie for you the smoking furnace, frozen tongues, foul-mouthed flat tires and "electric-sex gleaming in the window" will.

1. It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
This is my number one choice because of what it stands for. Jimmy Stewart is a man who has always done for others, forsaking his own future and desires but finds that life is not what he expected it would be. To me it shows us that we each touch the lives of others in ways we aren't aware of. I bet the people you know would have a very different life without you in it. Let this film show you that.

Track Santa's Sleigh As He Comes To Town Today

It's Christmas Eve and besides wondering if they're on the naughty or nice list, kids want to know where Santa is. With the help of satellites, we can now keep a constant track on old Kris Kringle. There are two sites that make this possible. The first is santaclaus.net. With comprehensive knowledge of the North Pole from it's weather to receiving a phone call from Santa, it will help your kids be more informed of Santa's happenings.
The second site that is guaranteed the most dependability is NORAD. The North American Aerospace Defense Command makes it a priority to track St. Nick on the very special day of December 24th until all of the presents are delivered and he has returned to the North Pole. For the kid who wants absolute proof of Santa and his whereabouts, show him the bonafide reports from this military agency.
Have a merry Christmas and enjoy tracking Santa Claus comes to your town!

5 Ways to Make Gift Wrapping Interesting

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Well, it's that time. The time when you've purchased most, if not all, of your gifts for Christmas and now have to wrap them. I have been wrapping for the past few days and continuously come across the same conundrum: making them look unique and pretty. Some of you may not understand this problem because you are either the 'Martha Stewart of gift wrapping' or because you just wrap your gifts in some paper, throw a tag on and are done with it. Both ways are perfectly wonderful because it really depends on whether or not you and your family cares. My mother, who is incredibly gifted in craftiness, is one of those who wraps them in as little paper as possible and shoves them under the tree. She does this because she ends up doing the bulk of her shopping on the last 1 or 2 days before Christmas and wraps all Christmas Eve night. Then I married a man who loves to make gifts look their best and I got into the spirit.

So I now have to sit down and wrap. I've put a few together using pretty papers and new fabulous bows, but they are becoming monotonous. I decided to head on a hunt for ideas. While on my quest I came across a gal named Melinda Morris who owns a Brooklyn based paperie Lion in the Sun. She had a few lovely tips on how to spice up your wrappings that I just had to share with you all!

  1. Think outside the paper. Fabric, scarves, dish towels, tote bags, jars are the perfect eco-friendly way to keep your gift under wraps.
  2. Use the top! Make an oversized pom out of tissue paper and place it over a simply wrapped box. Also, use extra scraps of paper to make paper ribbons, decorative fans and flowers.
  3. Wrapping for men can be tricky so why not add part of the gift to your wrap concoction! Use a tie instead of ribbon, the sunday crossword puzzle as wrapping paper and a cheesecloth bag embroidered with his initials.
  4. Turn boring basics beautiful. Take a solid colored paper and make it interesting with stickers, stamps, hole punched paint swatches, a sharpie design and ribbon with a sprig of pine.
  5. Color code. For big families, color coding gifts for each not only makes for a pretty picture under the tree, it is a huge time saver on Christmas morning.

15 Reasons to Love the Holidays

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas and New Years are the greatest time of the year. Why are they so great, though? There are so many reasons, that it's difficult for most to choose just one. I've compiled a list of the top 15 reasons to love the most wonderful time of the year to bring some cheer!

1.) Snow

Snow! Snow! Snow! SNOW! If you can't hear Bing Crosby when you read that, then something is wrong. You might be slowly turning into a grinch. It's time to get in the Christmas spirit! There are so many amazing things you can only do in the snow. Snowball fights, forts, snow angels, snowboarding, skiing, watching pets and little kids have fun struggling to move through it and most of all: waking up to a blanket of white on Christmas morning. Wake up your inner child and go enjoy it :)

2.) Sledding

I know it's something you can do in the snow, but this one extra special. It's the only time of year you can rocket into soft powder just by sliding. This is a fun, free activity for everyone in the family. My entire family goes every year, no matter what age. We're slowly making daredevils out of my little nephews, which we started to do at the age of 2 :-)

3.) Christmas Tree

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum, how lovely are your branches. There's nothing quite like going to get the tree together, weather you cut it down yourself or buy it from a lot. No matter if your family fights strapping it to the roof or getting it through the door, everyone always comes to together for fun to pick it out and decorate it. You'll remember at least one year for your entire life, even if it is something like Ralphie saying "oh, fudge". Also, I love how the Christmas tree stays up through the entire holiday season, for weeks before Christmas until New Years Day. That give plenty of time to fill up your home with scent of pine tree and a constant glowing reminder of the season.

4.) Christmas lights

Each house lit up in a different array of lights, manger scenes, Santa on rooftops, red ribbons on lampposts and so much more. As with the rest of the list, it’s only done once a year, and it lasts the entire season from beginning before Christmas and lasting through New Years. Christmas lights truly have to embody Christmas itself.

5.) Watching classic Christmas TV shows/movies

I don't know about your family, but mine has a tradition of watching certain movies and TV shows every Christmas. We have to watch A Christmas Carol, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, It's a Wonderful Life, A White Christmas, The Little Drummer Boy, A Christmas Story, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, A Very Mickey Christmas (we recorded 15 years ago, commercials and all) and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. They bring you back to childhood instantly, almost like a time capsule. Everyone loves Christmas favorites, and it's great to pass the tradition to the young ones.

6.) Carols

The songs you only hear one time a year. I love singing songs that I know have been sung for hundreds of years, and my entire life. If you don't want to sing, it's also neat to just listen to carolers make their way down the street singing sweet melodies and wishes to all who hear.

7.) Seeing old friends

Most people head home for the holidays, back to their hometown where they grew up. It's always great to see people you've spent your entire childhood, or at least part of it, with; to see what they've done and how they have been since the previous year. And you may just run into a long lost friend that you haven't seen in years.

8.) Family together

This best time of the year brings one the greatest things people can have: family gathered together. If you're fortunate enough to be able to have your entire immediate or extended family together, enjoy the greatest gift you have in life. Time with them may sometimes be annoying or trying for you, but look deeper and see how precious it really is to be with the only people you're related to. After all, is is the time to be together and it only comes once a year.

9.) Parties

So many festivities this time of year! There are office parties, parties with your friends, some with your parents, some for homecomings, and of course, the biggest party on New Years Eve. It truly is the season for celebration and togetherness.

10.) The meals

Part of the greatness of parties during this season, coming home and just Christmas overall is the food. For some, it's the one element of Christmas they look forward to the most. Usually, people have a big feast on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas. In my family, we have a banquet on Christmas Eve of seafood, steak and sides then eggnog french toast and eggnog on Christmas morning. I look forward to it all year every year. Christmas just wouldn't be right without these meals. So, make Whoville and roast up a roast beast :-)

11.) The presents

Everyone loves presents, and this aspect of Christmas. Giving and receiving are part of what makes the season so grand. And there's nothing like little kids shooting out of bed that one day of the year and jumping for joy and the sight of filled stockings and gifts under their glowing tree. Now that I've relatively grown up, I love seeing my nephews' reactions as they sit under the tree with the presents waiting to open them and their excitement when they do. And, I love to see each person's face when they open my gifts and the ones that were exactly what they wanted as well. It's great to get what you want, even greater when it's from your family and the greatest when you give that perfect gift.

12.) Desserts

To me, the sweets are better than the meals. Like the other things on this list, there are things you will only get one time of year. Sugar plums, candy canes, gingerbread cookies, bread pudding and countless other sweets help to make the season bright. Of course, I look forward to this. And it's heat-warming to give and receive a plate of goodies from your friends and neighbors.

13.) Shopping on December 26th

It's the most wonderful deals of the year, with the store doors jingle belling and every shopkeeper telling you " here is a steal!" It's true, the absolute greatest discounts of the entire year occur on December 26th. Not to brag, I've actually gotten a brand new wool winter coat for $25 marked from the normal price of $200. It's thee day to do any necessary returns and exchanges or just shopping in general to get the most bang for your dollar.

14.) Not working/no school

Hopefully, you're part of the majority of America that gets Christmas Day off. And if you’re really fortunate with your career, you’ll have the entire week of Christmas off. If you’re a student, you get at least 2 weeks off around Christmas and New Years. It’s always good for everyone to take time away from the hustle and bustle, especially all together.

15.) Jesus is born!

Above all the great things of Christmas, it is ultimately the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Considering that most of the Unites States and the western world is Christian, it’s our greatest celebration time of the year. A time to rejoice and gather at church with family and close ones.

I hope you can find 15 things, if not more to love about the holiday season. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

A Poetic Look Back On 2010

I have never really written a family newsletter before.  But so many of our Christmas card recipients wnat to know what is going on around the Owens' household and we never really get a chance to tell them.  We've had some big events this year, so I decided to send out a little update.  I didn't want to bore everyone.  Or be one of 'those' moms who just won't shut up about their kids.  My solution was to write a Christmas poem to cover the basics.  Check it out:

Seasons Greetings dear family and friends.
We have reached that time of year once again.
Time to share with you all of our wins and our losses.
And apprise you of how we’ve fared with all that life tosses.

Alpha’s livelihood has been redefined,
Instead of 7 to 7, He is now 9 to 5.
His switch from Enterprise to the Pepsi team
Has brought a gain to our happiness and to our means.
Since his free time has become much more abundant
He found a marathon and decided to run it.
Though he fell just short of his 4 hour wish
His will was still strong and his feet were still swift.

Aiden continues to grow leaps and bounds.
He is the smartest first grader this side of town.
His interests include trains big and small
And soon he will move from a ‘tee’ to baseball.

Asa has settled in quite well at preschool
He works hard on his letters, his crafts and his doodles.
He enjoys video games and playing with others
And has blossomed into a helpful big brother.

Avery has grown to be a curious boy.
He enjoys hiding and seeking all of his toys.
He has been with us for just over a year,
But now we can’t fathom a life without him here.

I continue to be more grateful each day,
For my loving family and a warm home to stay.
This year I have found that I have been nothing less
Than completely and utterly favored and blessed.

We hope that this finds you with all you desire and more
And we send you a great big Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!

Pretty Thought of the Day

Cider heals the soul as well as warm the heart.

Christmas Tree Brownies on Peppermint Sticks Recipe

Here is recipe for us at Inspiring Pretty to say Merry Christmas to you!



2/3 cups butter

1 1/2 cups sugar

2 tsp vanilla

3 eggs

3/4 cups flour

1/2 cup cocoa

1 tsp baking powder


5 oz butter

1 cup powder sugar

1 tsp vanilla

2 tsp hot water


2 inch peppermint sticks

desired food coloring


any other decorations you wish

For brownies, preheat oven to 350ยบ. Beat eggs, sugar, vanilla flour, cocoa, baking powder and butter together in large bowl. Bake for 20-30 minutes until no longer gooey. Let cool completely for approximately 30 min. Once cool, cut 7 rows of triangles, with 3 triangles in each row.

For frosting, beat together eggs, butter and sugar with electric mixer. Once thoroughly mixed, add in vanilla and water. Beat until smooth and creamy. Then add about 5 drops of your desired food coloring

Decorate brownies only when completely cooled. To frost, cut a tiny hole in the corner of a ziplock bag. Put frosting inside and use this to pipe frost the brownies! Stick peppermint sticks approximately 1 inch into the bottom of the tree!


Pick Your Party Outfit

Monday, December 20, 2010

Parties seem to be synonymous with the holidays. Whether it's an office party, a church party, a family gathering, a simple holiday cocktail party or one wild and crazy New Years Eve filled with mistletoe and drinks, you will surely want to look your prettiest. Right? Right! Here are a few ensembles that will have other party goers "ooo"ing and "aaww"ing.

If you are in need of a dress that says "I'm feminine and soft while still giving some holiday flare? Try either one of these dress styles. Though the sleeveless ruffle dress by Carven is $679 and the sheer layered drape dress by Zimmerman is $375, they are worth their exquisite appearance. Earrings are a necessity to the perfect holiday party outfit and what's better than glittery, glitzy chandeliers? This pair is by Simon Tu goes for $330, but you can find anything similar at your local accessory or department store. And lastly, A black ensemble with a pair of striking red heels makes a statement. These Labrie heels are $90 at Aldo.

There are many women out there who desire a much more conservative dressing with a simple pant, blouse and jacket. If you fall under this category, these pieces would be entirely perfect. The red cropped jacket by Tsumori Chusato is $549, Jaloux holiday blouse for $130, and tux-style chiffon insert pants by ASOS are $62. For a touch of holiday glam without overwhelming others, these gold glitter pumps by Michael Antonio for $35 will surely please.

Now when New Years rolls around and you want to go sequin and sparkle glam, this creation will give you just that without blinding your friends or looking over-the-top. It's really the subtle color combined with soft gems that makes it work. Plus this outfit is completely affordable: The sequin Animal Print Party Dress is a steal at Arden B for $64, Jessica Simpson's 'Minas' bootie for $55 at Nordstrom's, the Tinley Road Double Row Jewel Necklace from Piperlime for $24 and don't forget to add this Beaded Clutch at Forever21 for $23.

Now this dress may be a bit too much for your budget, but I couldn't resist putting it in here. Why you may ask would I show you this purple Lanvin dress that retails for $3, 458? Because it is simply gorgeous. And after all, we here are Inspiring Pretty want to show you pretty things, right? Right.

Christmas Decor: Clever Ways to Display Those Cards

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Seeing as how it is a week until Christmas, I am sure you have been receiving cards by the basketfuls from friends and family wishing you a "Merry Christmas", a "Happy Holiday's" and a "Happy New Year". I know I have, and they all look so beautiful. I'm always trying to come up with new and practical ways to display Christmas cards so that I can look at them as well as use them to decorate my home for the holidays. If you are in the same boat as me, welcome! Not only is there room on this boat, but there are also many ideas splashing on board from the vast sea known as the internet. Check out what I've discovered and please use them for your cards too!

Better Homes and Gardens shows us a great way to place those cards on the mantel with decorative ease. Pick up some wire garden edging (used to border flowerbeds) and tuck your cards into the arches. The great thing about this idea is that the edging is so easy to decorate and bring into your christmas decor. Add some ribbon, tree trimmings and garland. Even adding some hanging ornaments to your garland will give the mantel the finishing holiday touch it needs.

If you're not one who receives many cards, this idea may be best for you. Again, Better Homes and Gardens suggests placing evergreen branches placed in a metal urn or short vase. Set the cards in the branches. To add a little more intrigue to the set, pick branches with pine cones still intact, attach pine cones or small ornaments to floral wire and then stick them in the vase.

I know many folks who struggle with creative decorations and just want some simple easy ideas. Well, here's one! Set a basket on your table and when a card comes just set inside! Now when your friends and family are over, watching you cook, they can sift through the cards in holiday enjoyment!

The gal from Shorely Chic has some great christmas card display ideas as well, one of which I am a huge fan of. Hang Christmas cards from your staircase! So beautiful. With this idea, you would attach clothes pins to the hand rail on your staircase, which you can hide or enhance with garland.

My favorite way to display your cards is by placing them on hanging ribbon. I first saw this idea at my sisters house and fell in love! She had taken 2 long ribbon strands and sewn stitches every so often to create little slits for the cards to slide into. She hung them from the sides of her fireplace. In this case, it seems as though buttons were sewn onto the ribbon with a paperclip type product hung over the button. Then you can use the other end to attach your card securely. But you can also use clothes pins or tape to achieve a similar affect.

Lastly, there are a few wire card holders that you can buy to hang on your wall. They aren't overly inexpensive, but they are easy!

DIY: Make Your Own Snow Globe

Friday, December 17, 2010

This is one of the simplest and cutest things you can make for Christmas time. If you're looking to for a fun activity for your kids when they're out of school, this is perfect. And, it will last for years to come.

You'll need:

a jar of your choosing with lid
anti-rust sealant (for metal lids)
clear epoxy or hot glue or aquarium sealing glue or florist clay
mineral oil or baby oil
eggs shells or large white/silver glitter flakes
a figurine/decorations of your choice


1.) Glue the figurine inside the jar. You can glue it to the bottom of the jar or the lid. It usually looks much better if you glue it to the lid.
2.) When the glue has dried, pour the mineral oil/baby oil into the jar.
3.) Add the snowflakes. If you use egg shells, simply roll a roll pin over the egg shells until you have tiny pieces. If you use glitter, just add as much as you want.
4.) Screw on your lid very tightly. Use the anti-rust sealant when screwing on lid, if using a metal lid.

If you want to make your snow globe a little unique, use other decorations inside and out. You can also use jewelry. Simply glue only one part of the jewelry to the base of the snow globe. It's a cool option, because it's a little different and it will move with the snowflakes.
For the outside of the jar, you can decorate it will paint, more glitter and ribbons. Tie a cute Christmas ribbon around the lid to cover the lid and make it very Christmasy. And since you already had clear glue, use it to add some glitter to the sides, or break out the paintbrushes. Enjoy this activity now and years to come!

Inspired by elfster.com, but with IP touches

Wedding Trends: Place Cards

Thursday, December 16, 2010

This is one of my favorite elements of the wedding, and I don’t know why. It’s such a simple and seemingly minor detail, but it actually shows a lot of the personality and the overall feeling of the wedding. Place cards are the guests’ welcoming to the reception. It’s their first impression of what the atmosphere will be for the part of the wedding that they can actually participate in, mingle with people, and just do as they wish. And most of all, it’s the one thing that every person at your wedding is guaranteed to look at, because they need it to find their seats. Like other elements in the wedding, the main trend is abandonment of pricey showing off and for a sweet, simple elegance. This component has a lot of room for variation though, and possibility to incorporate each couples' own style. Take advantage of this part of the wedding to show off your originality.

Place cards are no longer simply folded cards in a row with fancy writing on them. They're now an chic display setting the tone of what to expect in the reception. The main trend is to find new original displays, while keeping the theme simple. The most popular arrangement used right now is the the display of cards or paper tags strung on a clothesline with clothespins. This is obviously quite simple, rustic and very sweet. It also allows for much variance, so you won't be like other couples that have used it. The clothesline can be strung between trees, on an actual clothesline, a wooden frame, along a fence or anything else your imagination can come up with. The cards can also differ greatly, using one design or several, and one type of paper or several. One of the cutest setups I've seen was simply doilies strung up on a vertical clothesline. I loved it because it was intricate, unconventional yet classic, and it can fit almost any wedding no matter what the motif.

A cool fad becoming more popular is origami place cards. This could mean an origami holder for the place card or the actual place card folded into origami. It's a new modern twist, which is rare as classic becomes more popular. Know though, that this choice does not work for every wedding motif. If it does suit your wedding, blend in your own style. This could be by using several colors or paper or patterned paper, as it fits your wedding.

The last major trend that has emerged in recent years is to include natural elements in the place card array. This usually is done by using grass, flowers, fruit or other plants. It gives a very simple, down-to-earth return to old-fashionedness, homey feel. To make it unique, don't place the cards in rows, but scatter them around the table (keeping tables together of course) and make them appear to be growing out of the ground among the grass/flowers/fruit. Another cute idea is to place the cards on picks in plant pots to appear as if they're growing. Although this is becoming a popular fad, it's never overdone, because using natural elements can really almost never be overdone.

A few of my all-time favorite place cards displays are not quite trendy yet, but just starting to emerge. I love the easy idea of writing the seating charts with a marker on a window frame. It's rustic, simple and unique. If you want a touch of elegance, a great idea I've noticed bundle a few wine corks together with ribbon, string or straw and then to put the place card in the the middle of it. It's very stylish yet old-fashioned again. If you want a whimsical feel, punch a hole in the place card and use straw or ribbon to tie it around a pinwheel. The last of my favorites was a truly original one. It's not chic, but it's definitely personal and simple. The display was a picture of each of the guests and their table number posted on the picture. So all the guests had to do was find their picture on the wall to know where they were sitting. It's a tremendous way to show your consideration for each guest and a great way for them to start talking to each other by seeing pictures of each other.

No matter which place card arrangement you choose for your wedding, make sure that it is welcoming to your guests and that it shows off your personalities and personal touches. Use your own style and careful consideration for your special day and it will surely turn out great!