10 Marvelous iPhone Apps for Women

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I love the iphone, mostly for it’s original applications. There seems to be something for every subject. I’ve collected some of the ones that girls will love.

istylist Makeover: With this app, you add a picture of yourself to create a virtual makeover. You can see what hair colors, lengths and accessories look best on you before you go for it. It can all be done by flicking your finger, and you can also send the pictures to your friends to get their opinion.

Previvors: This app was made to help prevent breast and ovarian cancer. It is specifically meant for those who are hereditarily predisposed to these diseases. It includes a quiz to see if you are at risk and information about the diseases. It also has great contact information for doctors, clinics and mammography facilities. For us girls, it’s important to stay on top these issues. To be up to date on all new information on these cancers, events for them and all things awareness, this is the best app.

Wardrobe Journal: This one is an original idea. If you’ve ever had the problem of not wanting to wear the same outfit twice around a date, a family event, a wedding or if you've wanted to recreate an outfit, but can’t quite remember how you did it, this app is for you. You can keep track by entering dates, events, outfit names and even the people you were with when you wore the outfit. It is guaranteed to come in handy even if it sounds a little odd.

Grocery Gadget: This app is a big time and money saver. You make your regular grocery list by manually entering items or scanning barcodes. If you don’t feel like adding each item, you can work off their library of templates. After you choose items, a description will be given along with a picture, so you can never get it wrong. Then add the grocery store you will shop at. If you shop at a major chain, then their prices will automatically be brought up, along with pertinent coupons. A nice bonus is that the app give great recipes and will add the necessary ingredients to your list if you choose. For moms, college kids and anyone in between, this will simplify and cheapen your shopping trips.

Diet and Food Tracker: For losing weight, this is a great app that can significantly help you monitor and lose weight. First, you enter your weight, measurements, height, age and gender, then you enter your goal weight and how quickly you want to reach it. This app will map out a plan for you including food and exercise. You can keep track of what you eat/drink by manually entering it or scanning the barcode with your phone. For exercise, the app gives instructions for exercise and determines how many calories were burned by the activity and your body build. It can then analyze your statistics and give you more information to help. Also, it’s free which most fitness apps are not.

Siri: This one is my favorite. Siri is your own personal assistant at the touch of your fingers. It finds and does what you need at your command. Want to know where movie is playing? Just say the name of the movie and Siri will pull up all theaters and showtimes and then ask if you want to reserve tickets. It also finds restaurants, events, and taxis at your voice command and is ready to make reservations, buy tickets and book a taxi. Siri can also tweet, check a flight status, ask bing, google people, check weather, and set reminders all at voice command. It truly is having a personal assistant, and best of all, this app is free.

Cmomgo: Cmomgo was created for busy moms to keep track of their activities, obligations and schedules in each part of their lives. This app keeps up with everything going in each circle of a mom’s life: husband, work, kid’s schools, kid’s extracurricular activities, family time, church groups, extended family and any other organizations. The app breaks everything down into circles that you designate. In the circles, you can plan and discuss activities with people, create invites, set reminders and just pass along the news. You can also add pictures for a little extra fun. It’s ideal for a mom on the go, but this can really help any girl.

Today: This app offers a quick devotional each day to give you something to think about and to improve your life daily. When you’re stressed and want to relax, you don’t want to go looking around the internet or a book to find something to read. This provides easy access to some insight that will help you when you’re in need, bored or are just browsing around.

Go Try It On: I love this app because it can be used more than one way. Go Try It On is an app where you people post one or more outfit option that they are wearing, and other people vote if it’s a keeper or not. Voters can also leave reviews of the outfit. So if you want some fun, you can browse though the pictures and vote, or if you want to know what popular opinion is on an outfit you’re undecided on, you can post your own. Don’t start to think it’s just a public spectacle for mockery. I’ve looked through the outfits and voting is honest and not cruel. A cool little detail about this one is that people all around the world use it, so you may be giving opinions on fashion in Moscow, Sydney, Tokyo or Rome. I’ve done it a few times :-)

Geek Logik: Lastly is the funny app, Geek Logik. This app uses ‘mathematical probability‘ and silliness to help you make decisions. With questions such as should you call in sick, should you apologize, are you whipped, should you let her see where you live and many others, it’s fun to see the answers and how they’re determined. For instance, a great on is do you have a snowball’s chance in hell with them? The factors are based on scales from 1-10 and the questions are: how attractive are you (10 being Brad Pitt)? How attractive are they (10 being a Swedish supermodel)? What’s their relationship status (0 being Sex and the City and 10 being Married with Children)? And how aggressive are you willing to be (10 being singing under their window with a guitar tonight)? The possible answers are: game on, lower your standards or you’re too good for her. Go for her cute friend. It actually gives a math equation for each question, too. This app is guaranteed to entertain you for awhile.

You now know some new apps. Go enjoy them and hopefully they’ll make your life a little easier.


Philippa said...

Thanks for a great listing! Let me just add one free productivity app that I find truly helpful, Intuition aka "mom's personal assistant"(www.iconapps.com) has helped me organize schedules and sort activities in such a way that none will be forgotten.It also has a comprehensive grocery listing that saves time in thinking what to buy.

Claire said...

that's a very cool one! thanks for letting me know about it

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