Love Groupon? Here Are 35 Other Sites with Amazing Deals!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Do you love Groupon? Of course you do, who doesn't? Do you think that one deal isn't enough for each day? Then listen up! You may have heard of a few websites similar to Groupon, but there are actually many, many more that offer deals just as great as Groupon. I thend ot root for the little guys and love to give readers amazing deals, so it've rounded some of the best just for you! Each site listed is available in at least 2 major cities in the US, so they're at least somewhat nationwide. I've highlighted what I consider the 10 best (in no particular order) and listed the rest.
This site is great, because it is an accumulation of all the daily deals from 19 major websites. It allows you to sort through them by price, percentage saved and days remaining in the offer. You can also choose what types of categories you look at such as restaurants, fitness, haircuts, etc. No matter what, you have access to minimum 19 deals a day.
This one is cool, because it gives a few offers each day in several areas. Not only that, it will also have some sweet free deals here and there as well. Just be on the lookout, because you never know when they'll put up a freebie!
The cool thing about this one is that for each deal of the day, the already slashed prices will lower as more and more people buy the deal. Don't worry when you buy though, because the lowest price at the close of the day will be the price that everyone pays.
For those looking to score on some more pricey stuff, this is your site. You'll still be doling out the dough, but much less than you would on regular prices. And for savvy buyers, every dollar counts, especially when you're buying expensive goods.
5) offers one deal each day along with a few features. Firstly, also like, the price lowers as more people buy the deal. Secondly, the administrators select one fan to give the deal to each day. Just be a fan on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or receive their daily email. Nothing quite a daily contest. Lastly, they also give out little tidbits of information about events around town, especially when concerning their deals. It's definitely a cool little website that has features you won't see in other places.
This one has a cool way of finding deals. It's an interactive map where you find deals on a map, so you can see what's closest to the address you enter. This way, you can get several deals by the location that's nearest to you.
This is also an interactive map, but has had deals all over the nation. It also breaks deals down into several categories and symbols for each, so you know which symbols to look for when searching for specific deals. I don't know how they gather deals for all of the country, but this site has done a tremendous job of it.
Like Bloomspot, this one aims to have deals on expensive things. It usually has around 10 deals per day, which are also available on the iPhone app.
This site is neat for a few reasons. Like an awesome daily deal site, it has more than one offer available at a time. The really cool thing is for each deal that you buy, you get to donate 10% of money paid to a school of your choice. There's not much that beats getting a great deal on discount items AND giving back while doing it.
The reason for liking Deal Radar is quite simple. It simply has the most deals laid out in front of you. No searching, no hassles, no navigating necessary. Just scroll down the page and you'll see each deal in each category going on in your area that day.

For those wondering about the other sites that offer deals as well, here you go:

Now that you know about many places to help you save, go out and prosper! If you're wondering if there's a site made just for your neighborhood, there probably is! Do some searching, because as I did my research, I found many websites like this. Enjoy!


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