A Poetic Look Back On 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I have never really written a family newsletter before.  But so many of our Christmas card recipients wnat to know what is going on around the Owens' household and we never really get a chance to tell them.  We've had some big events this year, so I decided to send out a little update.  I didn't want to bore everyone.  Or be one of 'those' moms who just won't shut up about their kids.  My solution was to write a Christmas poem to cover the basics.  Check it out:

Seasons Greetings dear family and friends.
We have reached that time of year once again.
Time to share with you all of our wins and our losses.
And apprise you of how we’ve fared with all that life tosses.

Alpha’s livelihood has been redefined,
Instead of 7 to 7, He is now 9 to 5.
His switch from Enterprise to the Pepsi team
Has brought a gain to our happiness and to our means.
Since his free time has become much more abundant
He found a marathon and decided to run it.
Though he fell just short of his 4 hour wish
His will was still strong and his feet were still swift.

Aiden continues to grow leaps and bounds.
He is the smartest first grader this side of town.
His interests include trains big and small
And soon he will move from a ‘tee’ to baseball.

Asa has settled in quite well at preschool
He works hard on his letters, his crafts and his doodles.
He enjoys video games and playing with others
And has blossomed into a helpful big brother.

Avery has grown to be a curious boy.
He enjoys hiding and seeking all of his toys.
He has been with us for just over a year,
But now we can’t fathom a life without him here.

I continue to be more grateful each day,
For my loving family and a warm home to stay.
This year I have found that I have been nothing less
Than completely and utterly favored and blessed.

We hope that this finds you with all you desire and more
And we send you a great big Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!


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