Handmade Wednesday: Tin Can Planter

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This week I have been in a Springy mood. All I want to do is spend time in my little garden patch and plant new flowers. And it's no wonder! I bought a planted tulip and over the past few days it has just completely opened up and blossomed before my eyes. Gorgeous. Plus, with the new addition of a baby (Lily) to my sisters family, I have been searching for a Lily plant to give them. I wanted to find a super cute pot to put the plant in but have come across nothing. I thought about painting one and here is the simple gem I discovered at Family Chic to help me do just that.

To make these, just grab some old aluminum cans, bang them with a hammer and give them a few coats of paint. Then add some soil and a flower bulb and you are all set!

This one was great too! I love the added paint brush hot glued to the side. But it would be just as cute painted any color with the brush left out. All you need is a soup can, your favorite color paint and an old paint brush. Too easy and too sweet.


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