How Do You Make Snow More Fun? Turn It Into Art!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

As the snow abounds across the US and kids are stuck at home for snow days, one things for certain: you have to find ways to enjoy snow, or at least to get your kids to enjoy the snow. Snowball fights and snowmen can get old really quick. Trust me, I know this as a kid that comes from the land of snow. There's a new way to enjoy the snow now: make art out of it! I'm not talking about snow angels and writing your name in the snow; this involves color :-) Let your kid turn into an artist with a huge white canvas and all you'll need is some food coloring or kool-aid.

There are two ways for your kid to be an artist: by using paint or spray paint. As you can probably guess, most kids opt for the latter. If you want to make the "paint", mix water into food coloring or kool-aid in a cup until the color is consistent. Obviously, it won't be like actual paint, it won't be pasty at all, but a liquid. Hand this and a paintbrush to them to help them enjoy their day.
If you want the cooler choice, mix "paint" using the instructions above, but instead of putting it in a cup, you put it in a spray bottle. Just be warned, they will probably be coming inside for refills quite often.

Painting will make every snow activity more fun and create new ones. Building a snowman can now include dressing him in a Hawaiian shirt or tie. They can also write warnings on their snow fort or decorate a snow castle. With this, they can now have competitions on who can create the best art or just have some simple fun. Just make sure they watch out for the yellow snow....


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