Thursday Throwback: Valentine's Dresses

Thursday, February 3, 2011

As women well know, Valentine's Day is a day for being pretty. We love to get all dolled up for our men (or maybe just ourselves). It's a day to show how much you love someone and to let them adorn you will the same love. Now, you don't have to put on a dress, a bunch of jewelry or get your hair professionally styled but..... Why Not!? It's the one day of the year you get to go out and pick up the most perfect dress you've ever seen. If vintage fashions make you excited, then these little beauties just may do the trick.

The little girl print on this Vivien of Holloway 1940's dress is only a mask dear ladies. Do not let her guise fool you, she is a foxy bombshell and she can't help but reveal it. This style is so fantastically vintage that it may be too much for some us to pull off on a random Valentine's dinner. But I'm sure that those of you who drape yourselves in this sort of attire regularly could easily get away with it. Plus, who - when you're wearing this dress - will care what century it is from?
Now this sweet petunia from ModCloth has that modest 1950's look that is simply to-die-for. It is perfect for those of you who love a vintage hint while still maintaining your classic charm. If you love the style but find it a bit to plain for you, why not add some fantastic jewelry, a simple hat or floral headband to give your look some umph! The soft pink reminds one of flushed cheeks and kissable lips. Don't think the 1950's were a time for prudes now.

The 1950's and 60's fashions were very similar in their tight waists and pleated skirts. And this floral ModCloth dress is no exception. The print is so feminine and soft that I would love to toss this on any day I just want to feel super pretty. But when wearing this for Valentine's, you just may find yourself on a day date at the park, a stroll through an arboretum, a lunch with your single gals or a night out dancing your vintage heels away.

I have never been a huge fan of many 1970's fashions, but this flowing bit of floral beauty from PinTuckStyle has my name written all over it. The 1970's were a time for pleats, long sleeves and high neck-lines (not me), but isn't there something a bit seductive about the sheer fabric just barely covering what lies beneath? It reminds me that we don't have to show it all off. Men like when we hide those private areas, while still hinting at them (it gives them something to imagine). Plus as a breeze drifts by, the fabrics softness will flutter over your skin and remind that man of just how smooth you are. The belt adds a nice touch too. Cinching in your waistline gives non-curvy women something to elude. Whoever thought at first glance this dress was seductive?

Now this dress certainly packs a punch. So I like to call the Pink "POW! ZAM! PUNCH!" Dress. Obviously, this is an 80's throwback and some of you may be thinking, "Yes, throw it back there!" But despite the florescent pink and cutesy leather bow this dress is just a strapless piece of tightness. Which will most definitely look best on those of you who have the slenderest of waists as well as a booty for days. The rest of us can just throw on some spanks and killer heels to offset our lack of a Barbie body. I may not be able to wear it, but I love it just the same!


Sippy Cup Central Mom said...

I just love those dresses, especially the second one! Karen

Lindsey said...

I know Karen, that second one is probably my favorite after the 1970's one. Glad you liked them!

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