Featured Wedding of the Week: Simple Kiwi Vintage

Saturday, March 5, 2011

So this week, I simply did not feel like putting words down. I don't know what it is, but to me pictures speak more. As you may not know, I love New Zealand. Never been there but desperately want to. Movie Star has been obsessed with the Lord of the Rings trilogy for years and years and so I've watched them far more than I'll admit to you. What I did not expect to come from my many hours of Frodo and the ring, was my own obsessive love for the landscape. The rolling green mountains with just a smidgin of fog floating by sends my heart aflutter. So, I have been searching for a Kiwi wedding lately with the same gorgeous mountains in the backdrop. However, in my search I could not find one.  Though I did come across a simple vintage wedding (my fav!) from the northern New Zealand island of Tauranga. I think after peeking at their day, you'll see why I like it.  But I'm still looking for that special wedding.... so if you know of one or yours is one, email us!!

Photography by Tracy Stamatakos of One Black Sheep


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