Falling for Home Decor

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Though Fall is amongst us and you may have already decorated your home for this cool season, there still may be a few of you out there who did not have that decorating itch until now. I scratched that itch back in early October but only by displaying my Halloween decor. So, now that Halloween is only a week away and I will want to change the look and feel of my home, I began to scour the internet for classic and simple Fall adornment. Plus, I just think these images are pretty!

I really wish I had a fireplace because they keep you warm, but they are also a focal point in a room which allows you to showcase each seasons decorating trends. I am also a fan of creating a mini pumpkin patch with all sizes of pumpkins, gourds, squashes. The fireplace is the perfect location to exhibit this pumpkin collection! And like shown above, you can make it stand out even more with a bit of lighting and sparkling branches.

Since I've just mentioned branches, I will go into a little more detail about them. Fall is the time when nature begins to dry out and die. Sounds dreary, I know. But it can also make for beautiful vase arrangements. Consider plucking a few long, bare branches from a tree nearby and place them in a gorgeous vase. In order to give an appeal in this arrangement you must have a vase with at least, a bit of interest. But this route may not suite you, so my other suggestion is to find branches with a few sparse small flowers or dead/dying berries in fall colors to gather together for a luscious bouquet.

Candles are warm, inviting, usually smell lovely and their soft glowing light makes you - and your guests - feel cozy and relaxed. You can place candles anywhere in your home this fall, but I love to see candles in interesting centerpieces or grouped together for an alluring scene. You can place then on a table or shelf with fall leaves, branches and dried flowers surrounding it, or use levels. Gather together candles in different heights or place a candle on a tall platter with smaller candles around it.

And who doesn't love filling clear cylinders and bowls with you favorite fall fruits and vegetables? I know I really enjoy seeing them! In the above photo, you see different colored pumpkins, gourds ad squashes, but there are other options to filling your cylinders. Try using fall fruits and vegetables like apples, pears and indian corn. But acorns and sweet gum tree balls give an exceptional fall feel as well.


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