Wedding Trends: Groom's Attire

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Keeping with the spirit of men’s fashion, I’ve moved on to suits! The suit is a minor detail to the wedding overall, but probably the man’s greatest contribution to the wedding decisions. Everyone knows the main focus of the day is the bride. The relative insignificance may be why men’s suits have always just been a tuxedo or black suit with black tie. In recent years though, grooms have broken away from the static, simple black on white combination for new colors, patterns and overall designs. Groom’s attire is still typically a suit, but they now have flair, are less formal (sometimes with an antique feel) and each have their own twist. I love to see the new styles of groom’s garb and I’ve collected some of my favorites below.

The main shift of weddings (and suits) is towards a more carefree and comfortable feeling. Men’s outfits now seem to be tailored perfectly for the groom’s personality and their special day. Couples are truly taking over every detail of the wedding and doing exactly what they want. This includes having the suits match the theme and colors of the wedding. Black and white suits are no longer the standard for this special day.

Although the typical suit/tuxedo is rejected and weddings are becoming more casual, they’ll always be a classy event. As I’ve mentioned before, it seems that classic elegance with a casual twist is being opted for over a modern and formal motif. This fad seemed to be aimed at making guests more comfortable, which means less formality and a more sweet, homey feel.

One way to make the groom and his groomsmen more informal is by losing the suit jackets. This could mean settling on a vest or simply a button-up shirt. A vest is a more dressy and less common happening, which can make it appealing. If you want completely easy nuptials though, go for the button-up.

As the wedding now moves around the personalities of the couples, the wedding can really just become a reflection of them. This allows them to show off their goofiness, which may involve clothing :)

Having each detail of the wedding revolve around the bride and groom’s personalities also means that things will become more creative. Color schemes and patterns will be outfitted around the twosome. This could mean going very old-fashioned with top hats and intricate designs.....

….or offbeat with unexpected collages of color and retro outfits. Large doses of color is definitely a tremendous and fairly new trend. People now seem to want bright and sunny colors for their once in a lifetime occasion, if not, then simply an array of colors.

Unprecedented suits are a growing fad as well. Throwbacks from decades ago can be a good change of pace. This may include colors unseen in the modern age (such as brown and certain shades of grey) and the all too uncommon bow tie. This can great for showing off the groom's personality and giving off a down to earth feel.

Classic attire specific to certain regions, like the south, are uncommon, and never go out of style. Not only is it old-fahsioned, but it's also inherently casual. You can get the best of both worlds with something like this. Obviously though, it might be a little odd in New York or Seattle, but then again, this might be something you seek :)
The last fad of the increasingly casual and unique grooms' attire is of course the dismissal of the tie altogether. This may mean opting for a scarf, ascot or a bare collar. Scarves are ideal for colder weather and can add a nice voguish touch. Ascots are also making a fashion comeback. The detail of this simple, quaint article can offer plenty of charm and elegance to your wedding.
No matter what you or your groom chooses for his wedding attire, make it special for your personalities and your day. Hopefully some of these ideas can give a little direction in your planning and make the process just a bit easier for you.


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