Friday's Fab Etsy Finds: Knitted Accessories

Friday, November 19, 2010

Brrrrrr!  The cold weather is upon us and I don't know about you, but I need knitted accessories.  During this time of year I love to throw a scarf around my neck adding just a bit of flare.  Or a hat on my head to keep me warm and cozy.  Even a pretty knitted sweater will do, but I never thought of throwing something knitted around my coffee cup!  Heading to the ever fabulous Etsy, I discovered some knitted wonders that make want to jump in the snow just so I have a reason to shop.

I'll start with the knitted coffee cup sleeve I just mentioned.  When I saw this, I almost died!  I love coffee and now I can have warm - but not scorched - hands and be fashionable while holding it.  Just amazing.  And for only $12 this is the perfect Christmas gift or stocking stuffer.

Of course, I am a hat girl.  They just look good on me and so I'm always in search of new a classic trends.  When I discovered a knitted flapper hat I thought, "I can be warm and trendy?  Yay!"  Though this is a bit expensive for my taste at $38, I believe having a warm and pretty head is well worth it.

Didn't you know that knitted bracelets are all the rage this season?  Well they are.  And this particular company is having an amazing deal right now.  You get three of these little beauties for only $20.  I'm ready to be head to toe full of knit!

And speaking of toes, crochet slippers can seriously be yours if you know anything about knitting.  Spend just $5 and you can make slippers for yourself and everyone in your family!  I am crazy about this idea.


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