Hostess Gifts: Southern Hospitality

Monday, November 22, 2010

So here we are, getting ready to approach the hostess gift officially. I have decided to start this series in the south where I believe manners and traditions still run strong. Though I live in southern california, you may be surprised to know that I am not well versed in these southern traditions. Crazy, I know! But in all seriousness, the folks at Southern Living Magazine have compiled some fantastic gifts which will be perfect for this holiday season's many parties, gatherings and weekend visits. And all of these goodies are made with southern hands in the bible belt. Just remember that you are a guest and should desire to show your gratitude for the open home. Give them one of these and your hosts will surely be thanking you!

These Yellow Grit Sandies hail from the Town House restaurant in Chilhowie, Virginia where they hand make many cookies, crackers, honey, granola and maple syrup. These delicate cookies made with yellow corn grits from South Carolina and powdered dry corn kernels will entice even the pickiest of cookie eaters. And at $9 a bag you can surely keep them coming!

Beeswax Candles from Seda France are perfect for those of us who love the soft glow of candle light but have sensitive noses. I am one of those who can not handle the strong aroma that many of today's candles radiate. But with these rustic candles hand-poured in homey German glass jars, I would be more than pleased to strike a match.

A Guest Book is always an unexpected, yet entirely appropriate hostess gift. By giving your host or hostess a gorgeous leather keepsake guest book you will be helping them contain and cherish memories of friends and family visits for years and years to come. This is especially ideal for people who love to share their home with others by opening it up for weekend getaways and vacations. This San Antonio, Texas handcrafted book will be well worth the $82 at

Chicken Soup may not seem like a customary gift, but that may just be it's attractiveness. Obviously, you could make this on your own, but purchasing a yummy old-fashioned jar of Bradenton, Florida's Spoonful of Comfort will make things simpler on you and warm the heart and belly of that special host you love. Plus, this woman's story and mission is just amazing.

Don't forget the ever popular dessert. Sure you could bring a pound cake or box of chocolates, but if you were to bring an incredible Vanilla Crepe Cake from the Charleston Crepe Company, you may just end up the life of the party! Don't fret if you live in Seattle.... this signature vanilla crepe cake ships nationwide to serve all 12 people at your friends gathering.

Lastly, I love the idea of giving your host something for their home like these Vintage Hand Towels from Oklahoma or Monogramed Napkins from New Orleans. But I'm also mad about decorative Soaps which are not only pretty in the bathroom but will be nice for you when you visit!

Now that you have your gifting ideas, don't be afraid to share them with your hostess! She will after all be the recipient. Happy visiting!


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