Hostess Gifts: The Series

Thursday, November 11, 2010

As years have gone on, society has changed and people have lost the customs of the past. We have forgotten our etiquette and traditions as well as our appreciation for what others have done for us. I am on a mission to bring the days-of-old back into our modern lifestyle. And here at Inspiring Pretty we are going to start with the Hostess Gift. A Hostess Gift? What's that? Some of you may know what this is, and some of you may already partake in this thankful gift-giving but just not know it. However, there are many out there who have not grown up in a society or family where this custom (and down right sense of manners) was taught and passed down. Folks, this is something that everyone - no matter what socioeconomic standings you are in - should do. It is your way of simply saying 'thank you' to your host or hostess, whether you are a dinner guest or a weekend visitor in their home.

I will be starting with the Hostess Gift and who knows, maybe I'll continue onto Thank You Cards, Life's Do's and Don'ts and more! But remember it's all about making life just a little more pretty for yourself and others. We all want a pretty life, don't we? Stay tuned for Hostess Gifts from around the U.S. coming soon! We'll be starting in the good ol' south.


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