Wedding Trends: Ceremony Designs

Monday, November 15, 2010

Before I tire you out on the subject of wedding attire, let's move onto something different. The ceremony is truly what the wedding is all about. There's not much room to differ from the tradition in this part of the wedding, though. The only thing that really can be altered is the exchange of the vows. The set up of the ceremony though, can go any way you wish :) The main trends I have noticed are again a return to simplicity, elegance and the outdoors.

Most weddings are now occurring outdoors. It's as if people are rejecting expensive wedding halls for the raw and simply beauty of nature. I personally like this fad, especially weddings that take place far away from the city. These basic, rustic ceremonies seem to outshine those performed in expensive places, such as a country club or upscale hotel. Basically it sums up to: indoor is out and outdoor is in.
Like other details of the wedding, people are refraining from modern motifs and opting for more quaint, old-fashioned, intricate designs. For the ceremony, one defining detail of this is the aisle itself. What can be laid on the ground of the aisle in a wedding? That's kind of a difficult question to be answered for any outdoor wedding. Sometimes the grass needs to covered so heels don't puncture the ground. A classic and elegant solution (with many options) is to use rugs. You can truly make the style completely your own, giving off so much of your personality in the ceremony. If you want an aisle with only grass, add touches to it with flowers. This could mean sprinkling petal all over, creating a design with petals or lining the aisle with small bushes. Your theme will determine what the best option is.

The aisle is one of the two main portions of the ceremony design. The other is the altar. There is no true trend for this, because it changes with each individual couple. It also does greatly depend on your faith. Jewish altars will be quite different from a Catholic altar. Whatever you may choose, be sure to have it's colors and details match the aisle and other ceremony details.
Lastly, complimenting details around the ceremonial area are becoming quite important. This may be a flower on the back of the chair or ribbons on bushes near the guests' seating. One major trend is the seats themselves. For a traditional feel, some choose pews. It's a whimsical touch to have seats usually only used in a church outdoors. Some also grab several different types of chairs giving a casual ambiance to the ceremony. Or, you can go very old-fashioned and simply use hay for rows. No matter which choice, it's sure to be a return to an antique and overall olden motif.
It may seem that the wedding ceremony does not have much room for deviation from the common method of operation, but you can change it more than you think possible. For an outdoor wedding, the possibilities are almost limitless. Look at other weddings to see the return to old-fashionedness and see if these ideas breaking away from the ordinary work for you.


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