5 New Year's Resolutions That Everyone Can Keep

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Each year the vast majority of people around the globe make resolutions that they swear they will keep? Why? Because this year they will have the willpower to do it. The simple fact of the matter is that most people that were in the first majority will not keep their resolutions. The reasons vary from person to person as to why they won't keep their pledges, but this gist comes down to the fact that their resolutions don't fit with who they are. There are a few things that every person can keep, though. Here's a list to help you find some things that will make you a better person in more than one way.

1.) Learn Something New
This could be anything that is new to you. Learn something that's academic in some way. It could be learning more about American history to understand the country overall. Or you could learn another language and then have the fun of putting it into use by traveling. You could also learn how to cook, making yourself more self-sufficient or helpful to your spouse. Also consider learning to paint, play a sport or something else along these lines. Keep it relatively academic though, because then it will have a lasting intellectual effect and guarantee that there will be others with similar interests.
2.) Volunteer Twice In The Year
Volunteering is good for everyone; for those who give and those who receive. The problem is that most people don't get around to actually doing it. If you make a resolution to do something twice throughout the course of the year, it will be very hard not to accomplish it. And for volunteering, there are a few times during the year when the need for volunteers is highly publicized (Thanksgiving and Christmas especially), so you won't miss an opportunity.
3.) Donate Your Old Clothes to Charity
Every year, you accumulate a pile of clothes just by yourself or with your family. Some overstuff their drawers, some just throw them away, and others have a garage sale. Instead of just going for the easy option of throwing the clothes away or taking the inconvenient chore of selling them, just bundle them up once during the year and haul them down to Salvation Army or a similar organization. It will do greater good there for appreciative people. And if it doesn't give you a good feeling, check that you have a heartbeat ;-)
4.) Go Camping Once
This may seem a bit odd, but in an increasingly digital age, not much can do better for a person than to go out into the wilderness for the weekend. Get away from the city or just technology for a few days, so you can fully appreciate nature and possibly reevaluate the involvement of technology in your life.

5.) Do One Act Of Kindness For Each Person You're Close To
Once during the year, do something very kind for each person that you know well. Make sure it's a genuine out-of-nowhere act of kindness. For instance, don't let it be taking care of their cat when they're out of town. Make it something like going to the concert with them that no one else wants to go to giving up your weekend to help them move. Make it something that they will remember for some time to come, and make it out of the blue. You'll learn to be more giving and get the joy that comes from just genuinely helping someone you love.

You may get bogged down throughout the year and not finish the book you vowed to read or go to the gym you paid outrageous monthly fees for, but these you will definitely be able to keep, and they will make you better in at least one way. Happy New Years and good luck on your resolutions!


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