DIY: Make Your Own Snow Globe

Friday, December 17, 2010

This is one of the simplest and cutest things you can make for Christmas time. If you're looking to for a fun activity for your kids when they're out of school, this is perfect. And, it will last for years to come.

You'll need:

a jar of your choosing with lid
anti-rust sealant (for metal lids)
clear epoxy or hot glue or aquarium sealing glue or florist clay
mineral oil or baby oil
eggs shells or large white/silver glitter flakes
a figurine/decorations of your choice


1.) Glue the figurine inside the jar. You can glue it to the bottom of the jar or the lid. It usually looks much better if you glue it to the lid.
2.) When the glue has dried, pour the mineral oil/baby oil into the jar.
3.) Add the snowflakes. If you use egg shells, simply roll a roll pin over the egg shells until you have tiny pieces. If you use glitter, just add as much as you want.
4.) Screw on your lid very tightly. Use the anti-rust sealant when screwing on lid, if using a metal lid.

If you want to make your snow globe a little unique, use other decorations inside and out. You can also use jewelry. Simply glue only one part of the jewelry to the base of the snow globe. It's a cool option, because it's a little different and it will move with the snowflakes.
For the outside of the jar, you can decorate it will paint, more glitter and ribbons. Tie a cute Christmas ribbon around the lid to cover the lid and make it very Christmasy. And since you already had clear glue, use it to add some glitter to the sides, or break out the paintbrushes. Enjoy this activity now and years to come!

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