Christmas Decor: Clever Ways to Display Those Cards

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Seeing as how it is a week until Christmas, I am sure you have been receiving cards by the basketfuls from friends and family wishing you a "Merry Christmas", a "Happy Holiday's" and a "Happy New Year". I know I have, and they all look so beautiful. I'm always trying to come up with new and practical ways to display Christmas cards so that I can look at them as well as use them to decorate my home for the holidays. If you are in the same boat as me, welcome! Not only is there room on this boat, but there are also many ideas splashing on board from the vast sea known as the internet. Check out what I've discovered and please use them for your cards too!

Better Homes and Gardens shows us a great way to place those cards on the mantel with decorative ease. Pick up some wire garden edging (used to border flowerbeds) and tuck your cards into the arches. The great thing about this idea is that the edging is so easy to decorate and bring into your christmas decor. Add some ribbon, tree trimmings and garland. Even adding some hanging ornaments to your garland will give the mantel the finishing holiday touch it needs.

If you're not one who receives many cards, this idea may be best for you. Again, Better Homes and Gardens suggests placing evergreen branches placed in a metal urn or short vase. Set the cards in the branches. To add a little more intrigue to the set, pick branches with pine cones still intact, attach pine cones or small ornaments to floral wire and then stick them in the vase.

I know many folks who struggle with creative decorations and just want some simple easy ideas. Well, here's one! Set a basket on your table and when a card comes just set inside! Now when your friends and family are over, watching you cook, they can sift through the cards in holiday enjoyment!

The gal from Shorely Chic has some great christmas card display ideas as well, one of which I am a huge fan of. Hang Christmas cards from your staircase! So beautiful. With this idea, you would attach clothes pins to the hand rail on your staircase, which you can hide or enhance with garland.

My favorite way to display your cards is by placing them on hanging ribbon. I first saw this idea at my sisters house and fell in love! She had taken 2 long ribbon strands and sewn stitches every so often to create little slits for the cards to slide into. She hung them from the sides of her fireplace. In this case, it seems as though buttons were sewn onto the ribbon with a paperclip type product hung over the button. Then you can use the other end to attach your card securely. But you can also use clothes pins or tape to achieve a similar affect.

Lastly, there are a few wire card holders that you can buy to hang on your wall. They aren't overly inexpensive, but they are easy!


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