5 Funniest Marriage Proposals

Monday, January 17, 2011

If you read our site regularly, you can see that I absolutely love weddings. It's a once in a lifetime event, and to have a wedding, you must first have a proposal. One reason that I love proposals so much is that they vary so greatly. Every guy wants to surprise the girl they propose to but most guys go for the most romantic way. Some guys with more of a sense of humor take a funny approach (and I think their girls are the luckiest). Below are the five funniest (but tasteful) proposals I've come across.

# 5
This is the most public proposition of the list. A boyfriend used his girlfriend's favorite show to get her attention. He paid for a commercial during her favorite show to pop the question via national television. His girlfriend received the shock of her life and he got a fiance.
# 4
This boyfriend wanted a live audience for his shenanigans. At a basketball game, he rigged the halftime game so that his girlfriend would be chosen from the crowd to be the participant. In the game, she was blindfolded and told she had thirty seconds to run around the court and find the mascot to win free tickets to a future game. Needless to say, she found the mascot and started jumping up and down for joy thinking she had won. As she took off her blindfold, the mascot knelt down and pulled out a ring instead of tickets. She was shocked, then the mascot head came off revealing her boyfriend. She may have been a little ticked off that she didn't really win the game, but she did get a finance out of it.

# 3
One boyfriend put his movie skills to good use creating a major-motion-picture-quality movie trailer ending with him on his knee. He then got his local theater to go along with him to help him carry out his plan. They played his trailer when he and his girlfriend came to watch a movie, making them both stars.
# 2
One man took advantage of knowledge that his girlfriend checks out Groupon everyday for deals. He hooked up his own deal with Groupon to have the giant coupon company make his proposal deal of the day. Other customers may have been angry that they didn't get a daily coupon, but there was definitely one deal bought that day.

# 1
The most inventive (and personal favorite) is entertaining in many ways. One gutsy guy took his girlfriend's camera and let her think she lost it. A few days later, he magically found it for her at her house. She frantically checked if the camera and her pictures were okay. As she browsed through her photos, she found some that she had not taken. To propose, her boyfriend had made a a makeshift slideshow using his clever wit, a dry erase board and about thirty pictures of as many different expressions he could think of. I'm just curious how she gave her answer of yes.

If you're looking for some inspiration to propose or are just looking for a good laugh, I hope this list helps!


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