How to Whisk Away the Winter Blues

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It is the dead of winter for all of those of us in the western hemisphere. Now that the Christmas season is officially over, the cold weather can sometimes now feel like a drag. If winter has gotten you down, here are some tips to help get you through the rest of the season and hopefully enjoy it as well.

Keep Fresh Flowers in Your House
One thing to greatly help get you through the barren of winter is to have nature around you. There really isn't anything more beautiful in nature than flowers. The sight and smell of these lovely plants are sure to delight your senses and help you escape the lack of live vegetation outside. Keep flowers in at least one room of your house and replace them weekly or biweekly to get full effect. Be sure to rotate your flower choices as well. You don't want Poinsettias after the holidays, even if they can live that long.

Decorate in Light Colors
Christmas decor is the epitome of rich colors. Dark hues of green and red give gorgeous contrast to the white snow on the ground. Once the holiday season is over though, having dark colors around can remind you of the glorious season which has just ended and/or make you feel stuck. Dark hues can also have the power of seasonal depression on some people. Avoid any downtroddeness by minimizing or eliminating dank colors for winter. Stick to brighter and/or paler colors such as yellow, orange, lighter blues and lighter greens. If you are feeling that a grand change is in order, paint one or a few rooms in your homes. If you're looking for a temporary change to trick your mind, change the adornments on your tables and walls and possibly your comforters. This change will make you home uplifting and serve as a refuge from the season.
Eat Summery Foods
Now, I'm not talking about lemonade or popsicles. Obviously, you should steer clear of cold foods. They will only make you the cold even more. To put yourself in more a summer mindset, eat foods like hot dogs, hamburgers and if you're lucky enough to be able to right now, barbecue. Your taste buds will put you in a summery state of mind, at least momentarily. For most people, eating as a splendid pleasure, so use it to help you this winter.
Play Sports Indoors
One thing that people miss most in winter is the ability to go outdoors without the snow inhibiting each thing you do. The snow and cold make is difficult or impossible to play most sports outside. If you're feeling cramped inside your house, go the gym or rec center and join in a league or some pick-up games. There are sure to be other people missing outdoor sports just as you are (if your friends don't want to play). Even in the tiny town where I grew up, there were constantly games of basketball, indoor soccer and baseball during the winter. Get your blood flowing in the games you love and you'll soon forget what season it is.

Go Have Fun Outside
To make the season more bearable, see the good sides of it. Other than the beauty of snow, there are other things that only come once a year. Only in the cold weather of winter can you go skiing/snowboarding, sledding, ice skating, snowmobiling and numerous activities. You will see the brighter side of the season in at least one way if you can enjoy one of these things. You may even come to look forward to it next year.

Now that there is at least one month of winter to go, I hope you can use some of these ideas to cope with the blues and possibly even enjoy the rest of the season. It only comes once a year, whether good or bad.


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