Creative Thinking With Etsy

Friday, February 25, 2011

Etsy is a wonderful, magical place filled with stuff you probably couldn't find anywhere else.  But occasionally there is a seller or two who may have too much time or 'creative energy' on their hands.  Every third page or so I always seem to come across something that makes me think, 'What were they thinking on this one?'  Well, I've had an attack of conscience for my mean thoughts (and I'm a little low on material), so I am going to do a little brainstorming for some of Etsy's extra creative sellers.  Below are a few seemingly useless Etsy products and a few innovative ways to use them.

First up is an Olifant Steampunk Gas Mask.  Now there were a lot of items that I toyed with using from this seller.  In the end, I went with something that you could get the most use out of.  This mask would be great to wear when you are trying to get someone to see things your way.  Like if you have to go talk to the kid down the street about bullying your son.  Even if you ask nicely, this mask will guarantee that your kid will not have anymore problems.  You could also use it to get people to evacuate an area of your choosing.  No one will think twice about running in the opposite direction.  It sells for $3900, but can you really put a price on peace and quiet?

At first glance Clem The Sock Monster seems like a waste of cash at $25, considering that you can get a regular (ie: better looking) sock puppet for like $10 at Target.  But the advantage that Clem has is that he looks very much like a real sock, so he can be used in a real sock situation.  If you have a roommate who is always leaving their laundry in the dryer, try hanging Clem inside from the top to freak them out when they stick their head down there.  Alternatively, if you have kids, you can use Clem as your bad cop.  That way Clem does all the dirty work and everyone still loves Mom.  Your kids may think oddly of you as they get older though.

Okay let's be honest, no one is going to make it to fashion week wearing a cookie ring (Oreo or otherwise).  Which is why the ring seems like it would serve no purpose.  But baked in that creme-filling, is a recipe for revenge.  Innocently wear this ring to your arch rival's next Weight Watchers meeting and it will guarantee that she has a bad points week.  Or wear it to work when your annoying co-worker hasn't quite gotten over the flu.  Or bring it to the park and palm it to tease the kid who pushed your toddler off of the slide.  This handy little ring gives you 100% satisfaction with none of the mess, and for only $9.

It is hard to imagine a situation in which one would require needlework brain matter, especially enough to drop $25 on it.  But I have come up with a few.  Say your roomie, or sibling, is in the early stages of a relationship that you don't approve of.  Casually sneak this jar into their room and the next time you get the chance to chat up the prospective partner mention something like, 'And don't worry about the brain in the jar, it's not going turn into the real thing no matter how many spells he/she chants around it.'  Or you could give it as a gift to a certain someone in your own life who just won't take the hint.  Chances are they won't be trying so hard anymore.


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