Featured Wedding of the Week: Desert Bliss

Saturday, February 26, 2011

As I was scrounging for a wedding this week, I kept coming across gorgeous weddings with beautiful photographs but they all began to look the same. But it's very hard for me to look at weddings these days without wanting to share all of them. The reason? I want to re-do my own wedding because I wasn't overly pleased with it, so how can I look down on any of these? In comparison to mine, they are all far too perfect. I know, I'm way to harsh on my special day. But aren't we all? Maybe not.... maybe I'm alone here. Hello!..... hello.....hello. Wow, I guess I am. Oh well!

That was a long segment just to bring me around to the fact that I found a wedding that (to me) seems outside the ordinary or commonplace for weddings today. I continuously see vintage or country style weddings (which I love), but the simple, modern wedding has been recently hidden on the shelf. So, when this little beaut popped up on my screen I knew I had to have it! And as you'll find, this oh-so-chic wedding find itself smack dab in the middle of a desert.

This is the wedding of Kelley and Jeff at the Sanctuary Resort and Spa in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Photography by Bliss Wedding Studio.

I had to add this pic because I just loved Kelley's hair
Instead of traditional flowers hanging on the chairs, I love the petals lining the aisle.  And don't miss the hidden gem: floating candles in square glass canisters.  L-O-V-E Love it
This is a very modernistic take on a a ceremony altar; a beautiful background.
I adore this picture.  What a great choice by the photographer.  Not only does it show the beauty of the wedding bands, but it's a reminder of their desert scenery.

And what about this cake?!  AAAAhhhhh!  I just want to eat it up!  Oh no... I don't.  It's way to pretty, modern and perfect.
Congrats on a lovely day Kelley and Jeff.


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