Fabulous Etsy Finds: Unicorns

Friday, February 18, 2011

I am very blessed in the neighbor department.  To the left and the right of me are a few people that I will have my eternally fondness.  In fact, we are quickly outgrowing our house and our neighbors are one of the main reasons we hesitate to move.  We know that the chances of finding neighbors this terrific twice is pretty unlikely, but I digress. 

The reason for this shameless neighbor brag is that one of them has a birthday coming up.  Our little Alyse, whom we have watched blossom into a young lady these last six years is turning twelve.  Now I could run out and pick up a Target gift card and call it good.  But Alyse has recently developed a fascination for unicorns.  So I figured a little unicorn hunt on Etsy should yield the perfect present.  And boy was I right.  I guess I should have known, Etsy and unicorns are like peas and carrots.  Here are a few of the highlights.

Rainbow Scrabble Pendant
$8.95 ($12.45 with chain)

Ipod/Phone Case

Pink Wall Decal

Unicorn Hat

Sassy Tee

Post Earrings

Shoulder Bag


Lindsey said...

My favorite's are the rings and the t-shirt. The wall decal is awesome but maybe for a younger girl. Have fun choosing!

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