An Ode To My Observant Husband

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day is a funny time in my marriage. When my hubby and I first met we put off our first date for a few days after V-Day as not to put too much pressure on it. Now that we are married, we find ourselves tempted to celebrate our love a few days late to avoid the crowds. So there are many years that I wake up on Feb 14 with nothing going on. I don't really mind. With 3 rugrats, I don't have time to wait 2 hours for a table at a mediocre restaurant. (Although, I am starting to think that having our first date on 2/16 was a cleverly devised plan hatched by my hubby to get out of having to deal with the cupid craze.)

Yesterday, our friendly neighborhood UPS guy presented me with some very decadent chocolates (from the hubby). They were exponentially sweeter than your average box of chocolate for a few reasons. First off, it was a box of 50-yes 50! handcrafted pieces. Second, it was a from a place that I had tried casually and LOVED-but I didn't think hubby knew about. And third, it was predominantly truffles.

This made me swoon because I recently wrote a post about V-Day chocolates. In it I said that this was one of the only days I could indulge in chocolate with abandon, so he got me A LOT. I also listed the place he bought them from, Mignon Chocolates, as a fave of mine. And I love that he knows that I am crazy about truffles, since it is not a common topic of conversation between us. Most of our convos start off with 'So guess what (fill in son's name here) did today.'

In addition to giving him insight into my soul, it appears that this blog has made him want to try a little harder. Because this first two things he asked me was 'Did you take pictures' and 'Are you going to write about it?' I did take pics, after I snuck a few pieces. And of course I'm going to write about it. Not only because I was completely swept off my feet by this simple gesture, but also because I didn't have much else going on this week--save a few monster 4 year old tantrums.

So to my dear Alpha, who brought a new kind of happiness into my life 10 years ago--thank you for keeping it up everyday since then. Thank you for giving me three little boys who make my world go 'round. And, thanks for the chocolates, they really are amazing!


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