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Saturday, February 5, 2011

We are so excited to begin this new weekly post! Weddings are one of those things that add beauty to lives. By sharing how some have made their precious day perfect, you can inspire others to create a special day all their own. What we will be doing is highlighting a different wedding every Saturday. For now, we will be scouting the web for weddings that tug at our heart but we would eventually love to share yours! So, whether you were married last week, last year or 50 years ago we would love for you to share your day with us so we can share it with our Inspiring Pretty readers. Simply submit your wedding here and we'll check it out!

For now, here is a wedding I found at Love and Lavender. It is actually the wedding of the creator of the site Aileen and her husband Ben at the Beau Lodge an hour and half north of Seattle. What caught my eye was the simplicity and down-right old fashioned backyard wedding feel it has. And that's exactly why I chose it.

Starting with the floral arrangements. These bouquets - made by the bride, bridesmaids and mother of the bride - hold simply white roses, pink ranunculus and those sweet yellow billy balls. So backyard bushel, yet colorful and elegant.

I think that fun bridal party photos are the best! Since these two had a croquet area set up, it's fantastic that they took advantage of it. They didn't try to create an elaborate backdrop, but just used the clearing and gorgeous greenery to make a memory that lasts a lifetime.

The guestbook is where people can take all kinds of liberties and be as creative as possible. Aileen and Ben decided to have people write on notecards giving advice, well-wishes or their own memories of the couple. This is a great way for your guests to feel like they'll have some impact in your future. My favorite parts are the wooden sign and the roses sitting pretty in a glass jar. Effortlessly delightful.

Held in this gorgeously vintage suitcase are wedding programs, made by the bride and groom themselves. The pinwheels were also. These two are rather crafty....

The ceremony has no floral arrangements, no trellis. The focus is completely on what's happening at the end of the aisle. No one will be able to take their eyes off the glowing couple.

The table decorations make me squeal out in excitement. Again, we find these wildflowerish arrangements inside glass jars and milk bottles, but the key to this set up is the colorful array of books which lend, ever-so-slightly, to the backyard barbeque feel.

Congratulations to Aileen and Ben for an old-fashioned meets weathered-chic wedding. Oh yeah ..... and for getting married!


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