Handmade Wednesday: Owl Applique Tote

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This gal Jessica at Running with Scissors has some really great craft ideas and I simply love her images. As I was rummaging around her site I discovered an image that just simply made me squeal! It was an cute fuzzy owl with bright, soft eyes and I fell in love. I had to know what it was. Well as I'm sure you know by the title, it was an applique for a tote. But this isn't just any Plain Jane applique, Jessica has added details upon details to make the owl fun and interesting.

Where's What You'll Need:
  • Printed OWL APPLIQUE
  • A plain tote bag
  • Fusible Webbing - light weight bond
  • Your choice of Fabric for each piece (felt/fleece works well, but it's your choice)
  • Two black buttons for the eyes
  • Optional: Brown craft feathers
  • Optional: Buttons for body

Here's How to Do It:
  1. Print the Owl Applique pattern sheet and cut out each pattern. Trace them onto the fabric you will be using for each, then cut them out.
  2. If you like the detailed stitching shown on the Wings, then do so but it is not necessary.
  3. Sew the Wings to the Owl Body.
  4. Next create the Eyes by sewing the brown and white fabrics together. Do not add any buttons yet.
  5. Read the instructions that came with the Fusible Webbing.
  6. According to those instructions, fuse the Nose and Eyes to the Face. Then sew the Face to the Body.
  7. If you are planning on adding the craft feathers, Jessica recommends placing the feathers on the body and sewing down the center shaft in a zig zag. If you are not adding feathers, then move on!
  8. Add the eye buttons by hand-stitching them to the center of the eye ball.
  9. If you will be adding the green buttons to the Owl's belly, do the same as above on top of the feathers.
  10. Lastly, fuse the Body and Feet to the Tote Bag. And you're done!
Note: If you do not want to do any stitching or sewing at all, skip the feathers, buttons and extra stitched details! Just use Fusible Webbing to attach everything and cut-out small black circles for the eyes instead of buttons. You can even cut out green circles for the belly if you like that look.


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