Thursday Throwback: Valentine's Cards

Thursday, February 10, 2011

With Valentine's Day almost upon us, it's time to really start thinking about your valentine cards. Whether it be a card for that special someone in your life or fun and cool cards for your kids to take with them to school, it's always a treat to find something that no one else out there will be giving to their Valentines. But where, among the hubub of lovey-dovey cards and silly Spongebob Squarepants valentines, can you find something that stands alone.

If that's where you find yourself these days I have a really great solution for you: Vintage Valentine's Cards. If you have never seen some of the old cards for yourself, you have to take a look because not only are the images so fabulous but the sayings are so unique, romantic and even a bit funny! I am going to get one or two for myself this year.

This one is my absolute favorite because, well, just read it and you'll see for yourself. To me it's hilarious that a creepy little girl is peering out from behind a large fork saying:


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