8 Unique Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts on the Web

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and for those who haven't bought a gift yet for your loved one, have no fear, I've found 8 gifts from all around the world wide web for you. Some are fun, some are romantic and all are unique.

1.) Personalized M&M's
This isn't a new idea, but that doesn't make it any less cool. Write a message to your significant other or just put their pretty little face on it. They won't forget this gift anytime soon, and will probably want to keep a few for the rest of year. You can find them on Mymms.com.
2.) World's Largest Gummy Bear
Weighing in at 4.5 LB, this chewy candy will back childhood memories, and the size will make it something an adult can appreciate. For the boyfriend/girlfriend expecting chocolates, this is sure to surprise them and bring a smile. You can find them on Amazon.com as well as gourmet candy shops near you.

3.) Lovopoly
This is a cool twist on Monopoly which is designed to set the mood for couples. It can also be personalized by adding your own pictures and choosing the names of the properties. If you don't want something detailed, there is a standard setup that all couples can enjoy. You can find it on Lovopoly.com and numerous other websites.
4.) Love Pillowcases
These adorable things also bring back simple and childlike love. Hopefully this charm will rub off on you and your husband/wife each time you climb into bed, especially on Valentine's Day. They can be found in several different designs on several sites including Amazon.com.

5.) Photo Rubix Cube
For some entertainment that will last, this is a fun gift for guys or girls. As you can tell by the name, it is a customizable toy where the cubes are your picture rather than colors. There are some that are digital as well that can display up to 10 pictures. This is perfect for your nerdy spouse that thinks they're much smarter ;-) and is sweet and sentimental at the same time. You can find it on Kleargear.com as well as several others.
6.) Fake Roses
I know this sounds odd, but there is a reason behind it. There's a great line that can only be said with fake flowers. It may be corny, but if you're sentimental, it is sweet. The line is simply 'I will love until the last petal falls off'. Not too shabby, eh? This is a very simple gift and as people are scrambling to find roses under $70 on Valentine's Day, you can wander into a craft store or buy more high-end silk flowers on Alforal.com or Overstock.com.

7.) American Gothic Painting by Grant Wood Recreation
For those with a sense of humor, this a the perfect silly gift. Solidify your relationship by immortalizing it in the work of art that is the epitome of bland. If you want to make your boyfriend, laugh, you have found one of the most unique ways to. You can find it on Findgift.com.
8.) Create Your Own Chocolate
I love this website dearly. At Createmychocolate.com you can build chocolate bars your way, or should I say your Valentine's way. You can choose your chocolate type, confections, spices, contents and decorations. Ingredients range from rose petals, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and bacon to gummy bears, mint leaves and gold flakes. It's truly the best source for chocolate. Tell your loved special someone that you got them chocolate and then surprise them with this amazing treat.

It's the last major shopping day on the internet before Valentine's Day, so buy quick and good luck! If you buy one of these gifts, I hope it makes you look as if you put some considerable thought into it.


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