Wedding Trends: Veils

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello again! Moving back to fashion, I've decided to talk about veils. As the saying goes, the bride is the focus of the wedding, therefore, each element that comprises the beauty of the bride on her special day is important. One of the most notable accessories that the bride wears is the veil. In most recent years, the veil has gone to the wayside in place of a tiara, head wreath, headband or nothing altogether. As classic elegance reemerges though, the veil overwhelming does as well. Don't expect the see a run of the mill sheer lace sheet draped around the bride to her waist, though. Vintage is coming back in way of lace and exceptional style.
The most trending veil now is the birdcage. It's worn in 2 main styles known as the blusher and the Russian or fishnet. Taken straight out of the 1940's, the birdcage is definitive classic style. The birdcage acknowledges the tradition of the veil but has the flair only found in the first half of the 20th century. The blusher serves as a veil more than the Russian. It's covers the bride's face, but to varying lengths. It reaches usually to the nose or chin.
As more women are opting for more originality though, the Russian is used more and more. Brides are opting to wear a veil more as a hair accessory than a garment. This means shortening the length and the angle and the overall purpose of it. The Russian is worn at an angle and covers usually only the eyes, forehead or sometimes only the hair. This style is also derived from the early 1900's. The fad for a vintage yet trendy bride would most likely be to wear a Russian veil angled to cover her forehead and one eye. This trend pays homage to classic traditions while being original in doing so.
It's obvious that I do love the birdcage look, but that doesn't count me out for liking other veils as well. The main difference between remaining veils is their length, except one type, which happens to also be becoming increasingly popular. This is the Mantilla veil. What this veil boasts all others is intricate lacy design, which falls into the return of classic elegance. Mantilla veils can come in any length, but are now usually worn to the waist, or shoulders. They also come with decorations hemming the edges of the veil or covering the entire veil. It's derived from Spanish/Mexican weddings, but the intricate lace beauty is actually very elegant simplicity from another era.
Vintage is the ruling force over veil trends right now and I couldn't love it more. The trend is to look to traditions and fashion since forgotten and for new originality and a clue in on true traditions, and as I said, I couldn't love it more.


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