Valentine's Day As A Mommy

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day takes on a whole different meaning when you're a mommy (I define mommy as having kids under the age of 5, after that you just become 'Mom').  You rarely get to go out to dinner or the movies, or make grand romantic gestures.  And you find the card that professes your undying love to your spouse looking like this if you leave it out in the open.
But as hard as it to let go of those blissful V-days of the past, a Mommy Valentine's Day comes with its own rewards. 

You get to make silly valentines and treat bags that no childless adult could get away with.

Here's the ones we did this year

You get to go to preschool ice cream socials.

You get to play with temporary tattoos (something terminally uncool after the age of 15 sans kids)

And you get to listen to them squeal with delight when they wake up to big red hearts full of chocolate...and clean up the subsequent mess.

As you re-word Usher songs to sound better.  Let me wipe you dowwwn, there's so much choc-o-late on you...

So although I miss the quiet nights and the candlelit dinners, I suppose they can wait until I graduate to the older-kid Mom status.  I know that I will have a super sweet guy still waiting to sweep me off my feet.


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