Helping Out Your Small Bathroom

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My bathroom is an ity bity piece of nothing. It has a wall sink next to the toilet, an old tub and a towel rack. There is no room for a counter or any kind of storage. Movie Star and I have made it work, however I am constantly trying to update and change it to make it more manageable, better looking and easier to live with. I thought maybe some of you might have this same predicament, so here is what I have been finding that inspires me to pretty up the john.
Seeing as how I'm all about DIY and repurposing new things, this idea fits me to a 'T'. Take a drawer from a dresser you are about to junk, or head to a garage sale or thrift store and pick one up! Better Homes and Gardens suggests cutting a piece of plywood to nail inside as a shelf . Then install a couple of eye hooks with a rod through it to give yourself a towel rack. And don't forget the hidden gems like the wallpapered backdrop and hook hanging from the shelf for bath accessories. Just be sure to paint the whole thing to match your decor.
If you need just a little something to perk up your pee space, just slant a picture against the wall and you're all "perked" up. Just make sure you secure it to the wall or the toilet. You wouldn't want to be sitting there and have the picture slide down the wall just to jolt you in the back now would you?
The thing I need in my bathroom more than anything is storage. When I found this idea I squealed "Eeeekkk!" with excitement. My sink looks a lot like this just without the extra room on either side of the sink top. But I adore the idea of a simple wire shelf hanging down below. I could put so many necessities there! And there is even enough room below the shelf for a lovely old trash can. Plus, this arrangement has a towel bar that would help me save valuable wall space.
A sink without a counter makes getting ready in the morning extremely difficult. I only have room for soap. But I have loved the idea of a shelf below my mirror for quite some time. This picture inspires me to put one up! Not only will it allow me to add some extra pretty decor, but I can use it to hold toothbrushes, lotion and extra hand towels.

If you have limited square footage like me, you may find that a big towel rack sticking out of your wall may not exactly be practical or pretty. So, why not try this intriguing and space saving alternative? This would look incredible in my bathroom leaning right next to the side table I've turned into a storage cabinet. I'd like to make one..... check back here for a "how to"!

Now that I'm inspired, I'll be getting to that bathroom of mine! How about you?


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