Add a Cup of Joe to Your Life

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Are you a serious coffee lover like me? I am obsessed and in a very bad way, a little addicted. I must have my cup every morning (or two or three) and then perhaps another later in the day. The smells, the tastes, - and yes - even the colors energize me and get my creative "java" flowing! I love all shades of brown and cream. They have this way of turning something rather ordinary, into intriguing as well as soothing. Plus if you use them as a undertone, they will tame brighter and bolder hues that you accent with. So wether it's your blouse, your kitchen table runner or the paint on your walls, these latte color inspirations will invigorate you!

With Fall just around the corner, this Eddie Bauer ensemble makes for a classic, comfy piece. Not only will you be sharing the same colors with you favorite cup of joe, but you will also be cozying up right along with it in this cotton and cashmere blend cardigan. To be honest though, my favorite part of this outfit has got to be the satin blouse. The caramel color and ruffles down the front bring me back to another time. But then of course the belt reminds us we are in the 21st century. If you wanted a hint of color in there as well, try adding a scarf in orange, green or grapefruit.

The color of this chair calms your visual senses, especially when a room is filled with bright colors. But the dark brown wood adds more interest to the piece without drawing too much attention. What i love about this little snippet of a room is how even though there are bold yellows, oranges and even greens, it is still soft and inviting.

Then of course there is picking paint colors for the rooms of your pretty home! Better Homes and Gardens has a few suggestions on coffee shades that will help you paint these beauties in their right place:
Macchiato can be used anywhere, but it is an exceptional background for a wall of art.
Dark Brew reminds us of that string french roast, but matches so handsomely with cream trim or wainscoting.
Milky Foam has such soft yellow hues that pairing it with a muted robin's-egg blue is perfect.
Extra Cream would be surprising in tone-on-tone stripes with the color Artisan White. Guests will adore this one!


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