What Was That Outfit Again?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm wondering if you've ever felt this way: You go to your favorite clothing store, pick up a couple of versatile pieces and while in the fitting room trying them on, the sales associate shows you how to create different, fashionable looks by combining these new items with one's you may already have in your closet. She (or he...) help make you look fantastic! But then a few days, weeks or months later when you pull those pieces out, you've forgotten everything they showed you. You think, "What was that outfit again? I just loved the way it looked on me. Darn it!" I know I've been there a few times, and I'm sure you have too. You can never quite piece the look together yourself. Did they tuck this one in? Should I add a belt? Was this cardigan pared with a ruffly blouse, or just a simple tank? It can turn a quick "getting dressed" moment into "I'm going to be late for work!" And now your rushed and frazzled. It's okay my dear's, I have an experience and solution.

A few days ago I went out shopping with my youngest sister who is currently working in an office as well as heading out to many a job interview. She is a rather petite young gal and dresses pretty casual most of the time with tee-shirts, tanks, jeans and flip-flops (we do live in southern Cali...). Because of the jobs, she needed more professional clothing and had no idea where to start. Having about 8 years of retail experience under my belt (and just plain good fashion sense) my little sis enlisted my help. I was glad to be her leader on this treacherous journey. We stepped inside The Mall!

Luckily, she was pretty willing to try on most of what I showed her and everything fit rather nicely. She has also been on the more Tom-Boyish side most of her life and so ruffles, ribbons, flowers and frill are out! We went with basics: solid tanks for under cardigans, sweaters and blouses as well as black and tan pants. But I did want her to have a little style so we paired things with belts on the outside of tops and simple jewelry that brightens and livens up her outfits. She left the dreaded mall, happy and satisfied. But not being one for fashion, I was afraid she would forget all of the outfits we pieced together. I live about an hour away from her and would hate for her to be stressed when choosing her outfit for the day or even worse, look boring and bland.

So here is my solution to this problem I think may be more common than not: take pictures. As soon as you get home (so you don't forget) from your shopping trip, put on the outfits that the salesperson (or loving sister!) showed you. Then have someone take pictures of you. Once you've done this for every outfit, have the pictures printed and then tack them to the inside of your closet door or on cork board that you have hanging inside for easy view. Now everyday you will have your own stylist right there with you. This will also save time when packing for a trip too! Now if you want to get really crazy (and I know that you do), you can to do this with all of your clothes and begin to create categories for types of events or feelings. Feelings? Yes, you know you dress based on mood or how your body feels. You can have a "Feeling Fat" section, a "Feeling Sexy" section or even Church, Bridal Shower, Tropical Vacation or Date sections. It will make getting ready a real "snap".


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