When a Man Loves a Woman

Monday, February 14, 2011

I love my husband. I love him to tears. This morning I woke up to a few things that I expected but reminded me of just how much this man of mine means to me.

Every V-Day, Movie Star gives me flowers and a card. Pretty standard for today, but this morning was a little different. Those roses there are from the climbing rose bushes outside our apartment building. Okay, you say. So what? Well, I'm telling you! Climbing roses are my absolute favorite and every time the Spring comes around, I get so excited to watch them reach their full bloom.

Over the past few weeks, as they have begun this transformation, I have oo'd and aw'd over the loveliness I see from my kitchen window. So waking up to a few of them lying on the dining room table said so much to me:

"I pay attention to the words you speak."
"I know you love pretty things, and desire to bring those things to you."
"I'd rather give you flowers that have meaning, than spend money on one's that don't."
"Because I took my time to choose and pluck each little rose, my time is not more valuable than your smile."

And then there's the card. Most greeting cards these days are cheesy or full of prewritten poetry. Though you can find cards which express how you're feeling, sometimes it comes across impersonal. In fact, I couldn't even find one for Movie Star this year! I had to take a blank card and make it my own. Anyway, in Movie Star's card it was the few simple words I saw in his terrible handwriting that struck my heart: "All I can guarantee is that I love you and you will always be happy no matter where we are and no matter what we are doing." He and I have been through a big hot mess the last two years and we simply can't see a way out. By him telling me this, he is saying that he will do anything and everything he can to make sure I'm happy every day.

But don't get the wrong idea about this guy. When he gets mushy he gets uncomfortable too, so he has to add something funny to it. After I told him about the Vintage Valentine's Cards I was going to write about we laughed hysterically at one of them (the very last one). So at the bottom of the card he wrote:

"P.S. Fork over your heart....." I laughed until I cried. Then I gave him a big kiss.

What a man......


Bonnie said...

Awww, I love you guys! Glad that you had such a great day. Although, I am slightly disappointed that your hubby didn't follow my advice. I told him to write the fork saying inside. His statement is sweeter, I give him that.

Lindsey said...

Oh he did write it..... I just didnt know if I should add that. Okay I will.

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